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Pray For The Strays

The Hutan Bandar Putra in Kulaijaya has been regarded by some as a dumping ground of sort for stray cats. Last week, the maintenance workers there found 10 strays.
Not knowing what to do with the strays,  the workers built a shelter for the cats more than a year ago.

The shelter, located in a nursery near the urban park, had more than 50 cats at one time. Some have been adopted while some have died.
Azman Yusoff, 44, a Kulaijaya Municipal Council worker said he and his colleagues fork out their own money to take care of the cats.
Azman said they could only provide "apa yang kita mampu" (what we can afford).
It costs about RM500 a month to feed the cats but Azman said the biggest burden is the medical costs, as some of the strays have health problems.

The Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA) Johor Baru deputy chairman Dr Edwin Singam (left) and committee member G. Rajakupal paid a visit to the shelter after the SPCA was alerted about the plight of the cats by a c…

For Women Only

For the Bahasa Malaysia version, please go here

Women in their 50s are undergoing CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser treatments to restore the elasticity of the vagina, and are willing to spend thousands of ringgit to ensure they perform better in bed.

Patients would have to undergo a medical examination and three sessions of the CO2 treatments with each session costing about RM3,000.

Pinnacle Figure Aesthetic Clinic director, Dr Terence Teoh said the South Korean technology was gaining popularity in Johor Baru among women, including menopausal women.

The treatment is said to be able to restore the intimacy of husband and wife.

"The treatment is proposed to those who have given birth and who wants to tighten or restore their vagina," he said, adding that a majority of his patients are aged between 30 and 40 and were housewives.

"However, in recent years, many of my patients are in their 50s and even those who have reached menopause are keen to have their vaginas restored."


Helping Others

Alvin has struck again. If you want to read what Rev. Deacon Dr Sherman Kuek has to say about Alvin's stunt, please click here

I like The Azan, Salib Rapped at Rocky's Bru.  It's the best wish anyone can make for someone like Alvin.

I used to think that Muslims would never want to set foot in a non-halal eatery till I met someone who didn't mind sitting in one and who even waited for me to finish my meal.

There are good and bad people in every race and religion.

Let's not give Alvin too much attention. Better to look at this 79-year-old  man with a great bod.

Or we could check on these two Johor MCA leaders to see what they have been up to lately.

Johor MCA bureau of coordinating government affairs chairman Michael Tay (pictured right) is helping Ahmad, a senior operations executive by day and pasar malam trader by night settle a RM28,000 debt which he accumulated after borrowing from 23 Ah Longs (illegal moneylenders).
Tay will try and talk to the loansharks a…


I would like to share a post from Life of Annie, which is an interesting read.

Nasib Penyokong Marhaen Najib

In this post, Annie shares the story of a couple where the husband had lost his job.  Their support and loyalty to a certain organisation had yielded to only disillusionment in return.

The betrayal,  the thought of being discarded or being treated like a second class citizen in return for one's dedication, hard work and beliefs.  This really sucks.  I wish the couple well, and hope that something good will come their way soon.

A good man will not be down for long.  You just need to have faith.

Some things are just so senseless, like Kiven's death in Farewell Kiven

I, too, am disillusioned with the lies and the sandiwara. Many of us are.

Separate The Household Wastes

This is a good practice. Let's start now!

JOHOR BARU: It will be mandatory for all types of household wastes to be separated in an effort to promote a healthier and cleaner environment in six states and the Federal Territory from September. Solid Waste Corporation (SWCorp) Johor Baru director Asri Amat said the Household Solid Waste Segregation Programme would take effect following months of awareness campaigns. “Come September, each household must separate their recyclable items in separate transparent plastic bags while regular wastes such as food and organic wastes can be placed into plastic bags. “Food waste bags should be thrown into the wheelie-bins while the transparent bags should be placed at the side of the bin along with any bulk waste,” he told The Star here yesterday. The six states are Johor, Malacca, Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Perlis and Kedah. Asri said the objective of the programme was to ensure that only lesser wastes was sent to the landfills thu…

Girls' Night Out

Apart from frivolity and fun, security is an important value when you are on a girls' night out.  Just came back from the Cantina Sports Pub and Cafe in the Ponderosa Golf and Country Club in Johor Bahru. It's quite late.
The registration number of every car that comes into the golf club is recorded, and motorcycles are not allowed entry. Parking is also free in the Ponderosa, which is surrounded by vast greenery.

The menu of the Cantina has cocktails and mocktails.  I chose 

a novito

and indulged in a prawn bruschetta.
Ponderosa has launched a membership card for ladies only at RM60 per year. Members enjoy vouchers and privileges such as dining at a discounted rate of 15%, a Javanese massage in a spa operated by Rina Nature Spa and Recreation Sdn Bhd (20%) and room rates (30%).

If you have any enquiries, please call 07-354 9999

Plea For Peace

JOHOR BARU: Some 20 business operators along Jalan Tan Hiok Nee gathered with placards demanding peace, following an assault on a hairstylist and his guests on Sunday night. In the 11.50pm incident, Long Kok Ming, 31, was having a party with his family and friends when a misunderstanding occurred between the party-goers and a group of Bazaar Karat traders operating nearby. Trouble had been brewing between the traders and the businessmen for the last two years but the Sunday night incident involved physical violence. Long, who had been operating at a corner hair saloon for the last six years, said he holds a party there every year. “There is a garden beside my shop and my guests and I were having a barbecue party. “The children were playing with their water guns while my friend from Australia was playing music to entertain the guests. “I am not sure how the quarrel started. 
Before the gate crash
Perhaps water from the children’s water gun had splashed on one of the traders, or the water…

Gem Of The City: Rubbish

Every time I pass by this busy stretch of road in the heart of the JB city, the words on the board beckons: "Kesulitan hari ini untuk keselesaan masa hadapan" (hardship now comfort in the future).
It has been reported that the 1.2km river which flows along Jalan Wong Ah Fook is going to be the "gem of the city" by the end of the year.
I'm so excited. Can't wait.
The opening up and cleaning of the Sungai Segget marks the ambitious plan to transform JB into a vibrant city, and the federal government has allocated RM260 million for its rehabilitation, rejuvenation and beautification.
The opening of the river is expected to be in June. It was also reported that the completion of the project in 2015 will elevate the water level and this will allow marine life in the river to thrive.
Really really excited now.
I decided to see what's behind the barricade since it has been put up for some time now and this is already April.

I certainly wasn't expecting t…

Just Curious

The Dewan Rakyat sitting on Friday which ended after a 12-hour debate was unprecedented. 
Many Members of Parliament didn't reach home till the wee hours of the morning, and there was a Cabinet Meeting the following day.  My colleagues covering the event had to do the reports after that. 
There were several bills passed, I read.  Among them was the Prevention of Terrorism Bill Act (Pota) 2015.  Don't really know much about all these laws and bills.
On that day, I had gone to watch Fast and Furious 7 and had posted my thoughts about the film, and the grocery shopping after the movie.   But I decided to take down the post, and to read it again, just in case I had unintentionally written something seditious.  
After reading through the post, I guess it was ok.  After all,  I only wrote about the movie and the price of coffee.
Today, I got to meet Nancy Shukri, a minister in the Prime Minister's Department.  I was surprised that she talked about the long debate in the Dewan…

One Clown Party Shop

Waltz into OneClownParty Shop if you're thinking of throwing a fun-filled party for kids or a surprise birthday bash for a friend or loved one, as the shop is a one-stop outlet for party supplies, decorations, costumes and accessories.

It is balloons galore and more at One Clown Party Shop, which offers balloon printing services, helium balloons (the floating kind) and costumes of superheroes and cartoon characters for rental, among other things.

Wan, the shop manager, says people have been coming in almost daily to enquire about their costume rental service since the shop started operations here six months ago.
He also says that balloons are trending now as they are used to convey messages.  
"For instance, when lovers have a fight, sorry may seem to be the hardest work so what do you do in an awkward situation, the boy or the girl will buy a balloon with the words "I'm Sorry" as a gift or token of apology.
"We can also print your face on the balloon.  A…

Big M Happy Wash

After he graduated from the University of South Australia in Adelaide in 2012, Chin Ming Wei worked for a year and a half in a bank.
The 26-year-old decided that he wanted to try something different, and left the banking industry.
He now owns and manages the BIG M HAPPY WASH, a 24-hour self-service laundry outlet located at 29, Jalan Temenggong 10, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah in Skudai, Johor Bahru.
Ming Wei (pictured) said he chose to venture into the laundry business because it is sprouting in Johor Bahru but has yet to become prevalent.
On his future plans, Ming Wei said he was going to "see where this goes" before deciding whether to expand his new venture.
For the opening, Big M will offer free wash from today (April 6) to April 10.
At the opening today Vinci Ee, in her 20s, was seen trying out the free wash.
"The water temperature was warm enough, and the shop is clean and cosy. I would definitely come again," Ee said.
Melanie Kan, in her 40s, who works in Singapore…

What Community Leaders Say About VEP

JOHOR BARU: Community leaders have mixed views on the RM20 Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) fee to be imposed on Singapore-registered vehicles from August 1.

   Johor Baru Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JBCCI) president Loh Liam Hiang said the RM20 fee would not affect Singaporeans or stop them from coming here.

  Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Association of Malaysia president Teh Kee Sin shared Loh's sentiment, but called on the government to look at the bigger picture.

   "Iskandar Malaysia and Singapore should join forces to create a window for those in the Asean Economic Community (AEC), especially those who are not well-versed in the command of the English language like Japan and China.

  "Japanese and Chinese investors need assistance if they are thinking of investing in Malaysia, so if Iskandar Malaysia and Singapore were to work together, we could get even more investors from these regions to come here.

  "Imposing a VEP fee is akin to building a w…

An Update On The VEP

Here's an update on the soon-to-be imposed VEP charges on foreign-registered vehicles entering Malaysia.

NST online

By Chuah Bee Kim - 4 April 2015 @ 11:03 AM 

JOHOR BARU: The Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) charges on Singapore-registered vehicles entering the country via Johor Baru is expected to be implemented on August 1.

Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi said the government plans to standardise the charges on all foregin-registered vehicles at all borders in phases.

“We will probably begin implementing charges on Thailand-registered vehicles next year,” Aziz said before launching the Funride and Criterium at the Dataran Bandaraya here today.

The event, which attracted more than 100 cycling enthusiasts from Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore, was held in conjunction with the coronation of the Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar last month.

The event was jointly organised by the Johor state government, the Johor Cycling Association, Johor…

Baby Is Busy

This is quite a common sight. While the mother or guardian is eating at a food court, the toddler is given a handphone to play with.
"There's no other way to keep the child quiet long enough for me to eat," one young mother told me.
Besides the handphone, are there any other creative waya to capture a child's attention? Are the number the patients with eye problems  getting younger? Does this habit affect a young child's eye health in any way?
How do mothers from the older generation keep their children occupied while they dine? 
Several questions flash through my mind as I watch this young child. I don't have the answers. I'm just curious.

Going to Desaru, Anyone?

Tocang Girl --- I call her that because she likes to braid her hair at night, so that she will wake up with curls the next day --- asked me just now which is the better resort to stay in if she were to go to Desaru.

She was not the first one to ask me this.  Several months ago, a Singaporean friend also asked me the same question.

My answer then and now remain unchanged.  If you want rest and recreation (the thrill-seeking kind), Lotus Desaru Beach Resort would be the better choice.  If you want rest and relaxation (a massage and some peace and quiet), I would recommend Pulai Desaru Beach Resort, which is just next to the Lotus Desaru.  One can also play beach games at Pulai Desaru.

It's hard to say which is the better holiday resort.  For me, I would choose massage over paragliding.  But I had a pleasant and unforgettable stay at both resorts.

I've gained quite a fair bit of weight since I stayed at the resorts and am currently on a diet.  Anyway, the links are as follows: