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Reminiscing, And Preparing For The Future

It has been an exciting, draining day...!

Something that you don't quite expect to happen has happened. Some would say this was an untimely, unwise move.  Some may see the Prime Minister in a totally new light.

I believe the move had caught many off guard.  Even one seasoned journo said before the announcement today that "No. 1 would never drop No. 2", going by the grassroots support that the latter has.

You'll never know with life and politics.

The closest I ever got to Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was when he presented this award to me in 2012.  Taking a moment to reminisce (ahem).  Everyone else is also reminiscing on Facebook.
Two other former deputy prime ministers from Johor that did not become PMs were Tun Dr Ismail Abd Rahman and Tun Musa Hitam. 

On a separate matter, the Johor Baru Central Municipal Council in Skudai, Johor Baru, may be relocated to a new building sprawling 20 acres in the future.  Negotiations with UEM Sunrise Berhad is still underway.

The MPJBT was…

Fairus Jamaluddin

Fairus Jamaluddin loves to cook.  His favourite dish is the Asam Pedas Johor.  In 2013, there was a "fiery war" between Malacca and Johor, when Malacca was said to have wanted to patent the asam pedas as a heritage dish of the state.
Fairus says that one should always use fresh fish, but if fresh fish is not available and you need to freeze it, he says one should not wash it before freezing.  Wash it only when you are going to cook it.  That way you retain the sweetness of its meat. It's the same with chicken.
However, the 35-year-old who owns a construction business says he always prefers fresh fish and would not mind driving all the way from JB to Pontian to get the fish there.
Fairus also says that his secret recipe was he would always "selawat ke atas Nabi" while cooking, and he professes that this makes a difference in how the dish turns out.
We had a wonderful meal at the cosy home of Fairus which he shares with his wife, five 
children and several adorabl…

Same Mission, Different Vision

A "He says", "She says", "You say", "I say" situation. The blame game is still pretty much on, but I hope the bickering will end soon. For the sake of the dogs. Not just these dogs but all the dogs out there that need help. 

The story so far

JOHOR BARU: A veterinarian has certified that four of the dogs rescued from a dog shelter in Taman Delima 2 on Wednesday were in a severe state of malnutrition, poor body condition and infested with ticks.

According to a medical report, one of the dogs has severe lacerated wounds on the neck region caused by the steel chain which had been tied around its neck for a long period of time.

The wound was about three to four centimetres deep. The veterinarian, who declined to be identified said the dogs also suffers from serious enlargement of the spleen and belly which suggested tick fever infection and internal parasite infestation.

"The dogs were not spayed, and they were all weak and lethargic. Most of t…

Discord Dust 2

Related link: Discord Dust

Stray dogs found worse off in JB shelter

by Yee Xiang Yun 

JOHOR BARU: These stray dogs were supposed to have been rescued, kept safe and fed in a shelter.  However some 30 of them housed at a shelter in Taman Delima 2 here were found to be malnourished and with ticks all over their bodies.

Volunteers from the Homeless and Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE) who came to know about their condition, were unable to rescue the dogs as the shelter owner refused to let them take the animals.

A war of words erupted between the volunteers and the woman, in her 50s, during an hour-long commotion yesterday.

The canines were seen lying in their own waste while a strong stench wafted through the air.  Some were even chained in cages.

The volunteers immediately fed the dogs with dried food and clean water.

Landowner Kenny Tan, 52, said he allowed the woman to use a portion of his land when she approached him three years ago.

It was learnt that the shelter operator got into trouble wit…

Discord Dust

It feels like someone up there sprinkled some discord dust on earth, and everyone's fighting with one another.
Maybe I'm just exaggerating, but it kind of feels like that sometimes.
This case is another reason why the Animal Welfare Act 2015 needs to be passed as law as soon as possible. It's not about the fine, for this case, but there's a need for a national and state animal welfare board to be set up to say what can and cannot be done. What is right, what is not. I'm also confused now. 

Click the link below for the reports in New Straits Times and Star
Discord Dust 2

Seeking Justice

Rela Man Who Allegedly Shot Dog Out On Bail

JOHOR BARU: The People's Volunteer Corps (Rela) member who allegedly shot a 7-month-old pet dog in Bandar Seri Alam on Thursday has been released on police bail.

Seri Alam district police chief Superintendent Abdul Samad Salleh said the man in his 50s, who had been remanded since the day of the incident, was released yesterday.

"The man has been freed on police bail.  We are getting the reports before the investigation papers are submitted to the deputy public prosecutor," Samad told the New Straits Times.

It was reported that the Rela member, who works as a restaurant operator, had shot the dog named Mike outside its owner's house in Bandar Seri Alam at 4am on Thursday.

A veterinarian, who treated the dog, removed 10 pellets from its body, most of them lodged in its skull.  It was put to sleep due to the severe wounds.

The dog's owner lodged a police report, and this led to the arrest of the suspect for unlawful discharge of…

Take A Stand

Cops To Find Out Why Dog Was Shot

JOHOR BARU:  Police have to ascertain whethr the People's Volunteer Corps (Rela) member, who shot a 7-month-old pet dog in Bandar Seri Alam last Thursday, was in a life-threatening situation which compelled him to pull the trigger.

"Police have to establish whether the man who shot the dog was put in a life-threatening situation and whether this led him to fire the shot," Deputy Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar told the New Straits Times.

On Thursday, the man, in his 50s, shot the dog, named Mike, outside the gate of its owner's hourse .

The owner, G. G. Tanabalan, said the veterinarian had to remove 10 pellets from the dog's body.  Most were lodged in the skull.  The veterinarian said the dog had to be put down as its skull was fractured.

Seri Alam police chief Superindent Abdul Samad Salleh confirmed that the man possessed a category B licence to carry and use a firearm.

He said the man was arrested after Tanabal…

Murdered Darlings


Original Posting

On first day of Raya, I was among those who thronged Saujana, the official residence of the Johor Menteri Besar.

From there, I went home to change --- there was a heavy downpour and we were caught in the rain --- before driving to Bandar Seri Alam, where there was a case of a dog shot on the eve of Hari Raya.  It was not just a case of a dog being shot and later had to be euthanised, it was a case of a People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela) member discharging a firearm in a residential area.

Was there any justification to the shooting of the seven-month-old mongrel? Are Rela members permitted to carry guns? Will this suspect become the first to be charged under the newly-passed Animal Welfare Act 2015?

The Bill was drafted to protect the welfare of animals like the ones below

and a host of other ghastly past incidents like the slaying of a dog at the Kepong KTM station, a Rottweiler shot with arrows, a poodle named Sushi, a dog named Mike ...

There are, however, worst atroc…

A Dog Named Mike

Click this link Restaurant Owner Arrested For Shooting Of Dog if you want to know what happened to Mike.  There are gruesome photographs which you would need to scroll down if you want to see them.  WARNING!  It is not meant for the faint-hearted.  

Seek justice for Mike, but at the same time, pet owners, please don't let your pets out of the house unaccompanied.

Working on a more indepth version of the story for print.  Will update.

Di Mana Dia?

One month of fasting is coming to an end for the Muslim community.  Tomorrow is Hari Raya Aidilfitri.  The sight, smell and sound of the goats reminded me of a childhood song "Chan Mali Chan".  I'm not sure what message song conveys.  I just know the tune is very catchy.  

I think the song is about love, a courtship song of sort.

Let me take this opportunity to greet all Muslim friends near and far "Selamat Hari Raya semua".

The 1st story I did today was "Johoreans Go On A Last Minute Festive Shopping Spree".

JOHOR BARU: It may be crowded with people and traffic, but people are still people are still flocking to the Angsana Johor Baru Mall, here to do their last-minute festive shopping. Ridzuan Salleh, 27, a technician from Pontian, said he had been too busy with work to go shopping and that he only started his Hari Raya Aidilfitri leave today. "It's the day before Raya but I can see I am not the only one doing the last minute shopping. …

Constructive Feedback

... after a series of teasers, the day has come to reveal the advertorial that appeared in the New Straits Times today (July 16).

Constructive feedback welcome. 

Be Dazzled

The advertorial on the School Open Day 2015 will be out in the NST on Thursday (July 16) and Sin Chew Daily on Friday (July 17).

Muhibbah Drumming

What am I waiting for?

Waiting for the rain? snow?  durian to drop?

I am waiting for the fireworks display actually.  But more on that  later.

By the way, Hari Raya is just around the corner.  Can't wait to wear my new baju kurung when I visit friends who celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri.  Got this baju kurung at RM95.

We need some Muhibbah drumming to foster the unity among the different races in the community.

Where am I and what am I doing here?  Click this link please.



I have started a new blog called "COME On A Quality Quest" where I will try to focus more on the services that are out there.  I know it is difficult to make choices at times. Sometimes it all boils down to luck.  Sometimes it calls for discernment and discussion.

I hope I can help out by writing about the various organisations and their range of services, brands, products and about that little competitive edge of  theirs.

The link to my new blog is on my blog roll.  I will try to be more professional in "COME On A Quality Quest".

Meanwhile, "COME Roam With Bee" will continue to adopt the rojak concept where I will write to the tune and rhythm of the moment.  It will mostly be about my experiences, opinions and ramblings.  


Bubur Lambuk Amal Cookout

Belum masak lah ... look at me ... sudah tak sabar nak makan. We were representatives of the Johor Media Club.  That's our president Fauzi Ishak cutting the (not sure what veggie is that) for the Ramadan porridge. On the left is "Betty" from Star. Full name Norbaiti Phaharoradzi.
We have a new photographer attached for practical training. He calls me Aunty. Have told him not to, but "out of respect", I guess, he's still doing that. Ok lah, memang dah aunty pun.
The last time I saw him he was just a little boy. He would follow his Dad to the office when his Dad drops in during his day off. Now the boy is attached as a practical trainee. 
Enough of me babbling on on a sleepless night in JB. I'm coming down with flu. Better get some rest.
Anyway, here's the NST online report on the cookout at the Regency Specialist Hospital in Bandar Seri Alam, Johor Bahru.

(from left) Fauzi Ishak, Che Noriah Ismail and Chin Wei Jia at the event.

JOHOR BARU: More than 100 p…