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Blood Moon

Why was the moon red last night? Was it covered with blood spills of my fellow canines?
Blood of the unsuspecting pregnant bitch that had gone up to the dog catchers hoping to get some food, only to find a noose around its neck and was dragged and bludgeoned to its death.
blood of this friendly, trusting white dog which wore a licence around its neck but was said to have been shot to death after it was caught by the dog catchers.

Don't let your pets wander on the streets but don't keep us chained up or in a tiny cages all day long either. We feel pain, fear, joy and spill blood just like humans do.

May all those brutally slayed find peace and leave with forgiveness in each heart. May they enjoy eternal bliss as they cross over to the Rainbow Bridge.

Live it well.

(all pictures sourced from Facebook)

Old Tradition Made New

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, an annual event celebrated by the Chinese community where people gather to enjoy mooncakes; ideally, under a moonlit night amid the laughter of children carrying lanterns.
It is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month.
This year the event coincides with the rare supermoon lunar eclipse.  
It is called a supermoon because the moon will appear bigger and brighter when it is closer to Earth than any other time in its orbit. The last time this celestial event occurred was in 1982 and the next one is going to be in the year 2033.

What is the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Meet awek cun, Kyona Teo, 21, seen here showing the mooncakes at the booth taken up by  KLT Food Industries Sdn Bhd at the Johor Baru City Square.

With the market growing more competitive, mooncake manufacturers today have to …

On Hold

I just read the Straits Times report

excerpts of the story here

SINGAPORE - Drivers who make frequent trips to Malaysia will not be required to hold a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) until the end of the year at least. The Oct 1 deadline to register will be pushed back by at least another four months to give the authorities time to develop a radio-frequency identification tag that is clone- and tamper-proof, a Malaysian Ministry of Transport (MOT) spokesman told The Straits Times on Wednesday (Sept 23). The VEP, which has a five-year validity, costs vehicle owners an administrative fee of RM10 (S$3.30).

Upon payment, each owner will need to collect a tag to stick on their car windscreen."Don't worry. If you have no tag on Oct 1, you will not be stopped at the border," said the spokesman. "The latest decision is that we want a better tag that is tamper- and clone-proof, so we are trying to enhance the tag at this point of time." ASSURANCE FOR DRIVERS Don't worry. If y…

Nothing To Lose

My pets came to me as I went to my garden, each one clamouring for a hug and a pat.  It's like they each wanted to say "Thank you" for giving us a home.

The dogs came into my life in 2009.  I only had one dog before that, but my pet gave birth to six puppies on that very special February 23rd morning.

When the puppies were six months old, I found a new home for one of them. The puppy died barely a month later in its new home.

I couldn't give away the others after that. But the house that I was living in then was too small to accommodate a bunch of growing puppies.

So, I made the decision to move.  Buying the new property plunged me into debts as it was a corner lot.  I anticipated that, but still went ahead with the decision as I wanted to give the dogs a home and the love that they deserve.

The decision even caused a rift between me and some of my relatives.

If I had been a law maker, I would either be jeered for putting the state or country into debt or cheered fo…

Peaceful Indeed II

I mentioned Annie's How The Racial Mess Started  in my last post but later removed the link NOT because I suddenly thought Annie's analysis was wrong but I just didn't want to see words like "racial mess" in a story about a peace rally.

But today I'm bringing it up again because I think it was an insightful analysis. 

I also want to highlight an exerpt of a news report.

Umno party president Datuk Seri Najib Razak also talked about the Sept 16 rally which was held in support of the government and denied that the gathering was racist in any manner. "The Sept 16 rally was a peaceful event and was held in support of the government," he said.

So, why were water cannons used during the rally?  And why were there banners, name calling and kicking of shutters?  Was this picture photoshopped?  I don't think so.

Even a Mat Salleh --- Dato Franz Swoboda--- was not spared the angst and anger of a red shirt.

The endorsement of the rally as a peaceful event …

Pelangi Selepas Jerebu

The haze came, stayed for a while in recent weeks. It rained and now clear skies are here again.

Another day another dawn.  And each day a new dawn.

This morning, a sense of joy and freedom permeated in the air as I walked toward the Dataran Mahkota in Kota Iskandar, Nusajaya.  The nearer I got to the stage that had been set for the Run For Peace event, the happier I felt.

I then turned around, and saw a sea of people flooding the dataran.  It was a gathering of peace lovers and they had come from all walks of life, and of all ages, all having their own set of challenges but are determined to shove everything aside for today they had come to spread a message ... the message of peace.... which is the only thing that can ensure prosperity, happiness, sanity and wellness.

Here are some of the people I met  

Dennis Wong, 25, (right) said she had wanted to paint more elaborate art on the participants, but due to the long queue, could only do simple designs.  She is seen here painting the…

Blood On Your Hands

Rabies is translated as "wabak anjing gila".  Who came up with this translation anyway?

Can you look at these photos and not shed a tear?  

These endless flow of innocent blood will come back to haunt us someday. This is not the way to handle a rabies outbreak. And what outbreak? How many people have died from the outbreak.
Rabies control efforts need to be carried out, but this mass culling of dogs is insanity.
Saving lives is the priority, not destroying them.

Dogs are being targeted when the disease can be transmitted to humans from other animals too, not necessarily canines.
Sorry for the graphic picture but this atrocity is happening in our midst and it's heartbreaking.
Pet owners. It all started with you. Their blood is on your hands, too.

Creating A Culture of Peace

Whenever we attend an event, there'd be goodie bags on the seats or distributed to guests when they arrive or leave.  These bags are given out to participants, guests and members of the media.

But we don't really think much about the goodie bags --- like the effort, energy, time that others took to put a goodie bag together so that you'd not leave the event empty-handed.

Tonight, I got to help out members of the SOKA GAKKAI MALAYSIA (SGM) pack the goodies into bags for distribution to participants of the Run For Peace event on Sunday (Sept 20).  It's the first time that I'm helping out in the goodie bag assembly line.

I saw people --- young and old --- and from all walks of life coming together to pack the goodies into bags, and for the bags to be put into boxes.

So, this is how you pack a goodie bag.  It's an activity that calls for teamwork.

The run, which is divided into two categories --- 9km and 4km, will be held at Dataran Mahkota in Kota Iskan…

Animal Farm

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”  - George Orwell

Ini macam kah? Memang ini macam.

Very Exasperating Period

Tan: Fairly easy to register for the VEP online.  Need to key in engine chasis number, insurance policy number and road tax expiry date, among others.

JOHOR BARU: The start of the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) for Singapore-registered vehicles is just two weeks away, but some drivers from the republic are in the dark about where they are to pick up the smart tag after registering their vehicles on the Road Transport Department (RTD) website.

Some said they will choose not to drive to Johor if they did not receive the smart tag when VEP begins on Oct 1. Others faced obstacles when they tried to register through the RTD website for VEP registration.

Danny Tan, 44, a Singaporean who works at a multinational corporation in Senai, said he registered for the VEP online two weeks ago.

"I managed to register within 10 minutes. My problem now is I have yet to receive any further news from the RTD as to how to collect my smart tag or how to make payment," Tan said.

"If I fail to …

Peaceful Indeed

Was planning to stay at home and rest on my day off, but decided to go out instead in the afternoon.  The air quality in Johor seems to be improving.

It was a quiet day with light traffic.

Ordered a plate of mee rebus from Haji Wahid's Mee Rebus stall at Angsana JB Mall. It's affordably priced at RM4, and it's yummilicious!
For supper I had 

an avocado topped with brown sugar and Anlene milk powder. The avocado cost RM6. I bought it at a fruit stall manned by Indonesians.
When I got home, I watched videos of the bloody peaceful rally on FB. Some of the video clips were quite shocking.  Sad to see such episodes packed with racial slurs take place on Malaysia Day! 
And there were even verbal attacks on a former Prime Minister, one who had helmed the country  from 1981 to 2003.  
With so much unrest on Malaysia Day occurring in the country's capital, it's hard to stay unaffected. 

Ready To Rumble?

No! Better to rumba.
I came up with the title for this post after seeing a remark on FB where the person wrote he was set to retaliate at the slightest provocation on 916. He said if anyone went around looking for a fight in his turf, they'd be sorry.
I'm not working tomorrow and plan to spend a quiet day at home.  That's how I'm going to celebrate Malaysia Day, held on the 16th of September every year to commemorate the formation of the Malaysian federation in 1963, marking the coming together of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and North Borneo to become Malaysia.
We have come a long way since then. Are we going to throw it all away?
But people are not going to read what we write or listen to what we have to say, if their minds are set on doing whatever they want to do.
So, I'm going to enjoy some ME time. Stay indoors, get away from the haze. Maybe read a book.  Play with my dogs. Hug a cat.
Oh, meet my feline friend. I call her "Mama Cat" but today someone…

One Thing After Another

A cobbler in an alley repairing shoes as haze envelopes the city.
He charged me five ringgit for replacing the heel studs, making my shoes seem new again.  He is  74-year-old Idris Abd Majid. This senior citizen works hard for the money and is worthy of respect.
Small traders have to brave the economic uncertainty and the haze.  So, note to self, if you're working in an air-cond room and getting a monthly salary, stop whining. 
But can't help sighing when I think about the documentary that was aired on Sept 10, that almost everyone is talking about now. 
And then (talking about a separate matter now) there's the explanation of the generous donor that now becomes a wealthy supporter or is it supporters ... when is the storytelling competition going to come to an end?  People just want the plain and simple truth.
Finally, the upcoming red shirt rally which is going to take place after all on 916. Pray that all will be well.  Wonder if traders like Idris and the ringgit can hand…


Another dog picture has surfaced on Facebook, where the dog was reportedly spotted in Tesco, yes Tesco again, this time a German Shepherd was in Bercham, Ipoh.  The handsome fella is said to be a lost pet.

I don't know why dogs like this store so much.  If I should adopt another pet,  I'll name it Tesco. I love dogs.

I don't think this picture was photoshopped.  Now every picture that I look at, the first thing that comes to mind is whether it's real or doctored?

Pet owners, please be more responsible.

Now this picture is just priceless.  This German Shepherd has struck up a friendship with a stray cat.  So sweet.

These two German Sheperd stories are not related in any way.  I just stumbled upon them on Facebook.

I had not planned to write about dogs and felines, but they were so adorable I couldn't help it.

I was actually going to write about unit trusts.  Two friends approached me recently on two separate occasions.  Both said I do not have much time left --- app…

Concerted Effort Needed To Curb Dengue Epidemic In Johor

More information on the Aedes aegypti  on Wikipedia

JOHOR BARU:  The dengue epidemic in Johor has risen to an all-time high of  9,617 dengue cases according to the latest findings compiled by the Johor Health Department.

State Health and Environment chairman Datuk Ayub Rahmat said the number of cases is already beyond the yearly median, and above the average cases recorded in the past five years.

"The cumulative number of cases in Johor until Week 35 registered at 9,617.  The number of cases in the same period last year was 3,797, signifying a surge of 153 per cent.

"There were 28 reported deaths from dengue fever in the latest findings, and the victims included a Japanese, a Nepales and two Bangladeshis, who succumbed to the disease transmitted by a mosquito bite.

"The Japanese man, a retiree working as a consultant in a manufacturing company here, had died on August 19.

"There are fears of more deaths from dengue in the weeks ahead if residents do not change the…

Hutan Bandar Mutiara Rini

An outdoor gym. It's free of charge and you get to workout amid vast greenery.  I went to the Mutiara Rini Urban Forest (Hutan Bandar Mutiara Rini) in the morning. Just across the road is the Tesco Extra Mutiara Rini. 

This is the Dyera costulata (Jelutong), a timber species, among the variety of trees found here.

And this is the Pokok Bucinda, just planted today to mark the launch of the ASEAN Rides Festival 2015. A convoy comprising 380 bikers was flagged-off at the urban forest. These bikers from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia will meet at Putrajaya for a rally on Sept 12.
There were also simultaneous flag-offs in Kelantan and Perlis.  The rally in Putrajaya is expected to have 10,000 participants from ASEAN countries, to enliven Malaysia Day on Sept 16.

After the flag-off, I explored the urban forest. I saw this Bunga Raya (Hibiscus), which is Malaysia's national flower.

There is also a lake in the hutan bandar.  Very peaceful, very serene.  I think I shall drive here …

Peace-Loving Moderates

It started out quite promising - the Malaysia vs Saudi Arabia match.  
Many were hoping the Malaysia team can bounce back from the 10-0 defeat against UAE.  Sadly,  it didn't happen.  In fact something worse took place.  The game had to be abandoned after flares were thrown on the football pitch, with Saudi Arabia scoring 2-1.
Now, we can't even be good Malaysian fans who can enjoy a friendly football game anymore. 
Another dog in a trolley picture has surfaced, this time it was said to be at another Tesco outlet.  Why is Tesco being targeted?  Other than "mat rempitting" and "photoshopping to deceive" and mass producing confusion, aren't there better things to do?
Why are some so keen on junk bombarding youths to hate?  Revolutions are usually triggered by very extreme intra-racial resentment.  Let us not go down that path. I guess the management of Tesco is wise in a way, in that they chose to err on the side of protecting commercial interest rather …

Are You A Banana?

My supper ...
Banana with Anlene milk powder. Easy to make, and nice to eat.  I hope this simple meal can give me a night of deep, restorative sleep.
I do sleep well on most nights, unless if the weather is too freaking hot.
A simple prayer before I sleep. A prayer for peace and happiness for self, the environment, loved ones, pets, strays and every form of life seen and unseen.
Eating banana has numerous benefits, so go indulge in this delightful yellow thing. But refrain from telling someone to "eat banana" in Cantonese.  A Cantonese speaking person would know why.  It's something like "blue bird", which doesn't translate well into Hokkien.
I think I'm sleepy already.  Good night and sweet dreams. 晚安, 亲爱的。


Have some passion fruits and become more passionate.  Perhaps invite some passion or bring the passion back.  To have a passion for truth, justice, life .... 

The blueberries  just looks so inviting.  Something to spread the cheer, and chase the blues away.
This is also the seventh month of the Lunar Calendar, where Hell's Gate is open for spirits to roam free. 
For a spooky tale, please click  A Murder Scene Is Now A Temple  which appeared in the New Sunday Times today.

There Really Was A Dog In The Trolley?


Even though Tesco Malaysia has issued a statement, which appeared like there was indeed a dog in a trolley, and for a minute, I also was convinced of it, I still hope that Tesco Extra Plentong will say something about it.

Surely, there must be a CCTV recording or some tenant, shopper, staff, guard, who would be able to verify the truth of this allegation.

I wrote earlier about "keeping calm and be discerning", but even I wavered when I saw the statement. I still think the picture was a FAKE.  99% sure of it.

Original Post

Oops!  Major oops!!

Saw this statement on the Tesco Malaysia Facebook

[KENYATAAN - Troli di Tesco Extra Plentong]
Kami amat kesal dengan kejadian anjing peliharaan salah seorang pelanggan kami dirakam di dalam troli kami di Tesco Extra Plentong. Kami ingin menjelaskan bahawa Tesco Malaysia tidak membenarkan binatang peliharaan untuk masuk ke dalam semua premis kami. Pihak stor kami bersama AJK Masjid Plentong telah melakukan proses pembersi…

Trolley Dog

Who so free to do this huh?
Creativity is not for spreading vile and ill will. At first glance I also didn't realise the picture was photoshopped. 
But after a while, it became clear that the management and security guard of the hypermart would never have allowed a dog on a trolley, unless the guard was sleeping at the time and all the staff were just too busy to notice.
An important lesson here. Please don't over-react when you see something negative like this on social media.  There are some who want to create discord, and draw blood. This is a time to keep calm and be discerning.

500 trolleys at the hypermart had to be cleansed by the Plentong Mosque committee members after the picture went viral. Whether it was fake or not, the Muslim community felt it was "better to be safe than sorry".

These pictures are real, right? 
All pictures sourced from Facebook.

How Do We Separate The Waste?

OPERATORS of restaurants and other shops in Johor Baru are unsure how they should segregate their waste.

Maat Sulaiman, 61, who has been operating a restaurant in Bandar Baru Uda here for 20 years, said some issues were not clear.

"The new scheme is good but we are clueless on what we should do.  How do we separate the rubbish?  Where does the polystyrene go?  If there is leftover food inside a polystyrene container, does the customer throw it into the food bin or another bin?"

He said he was waiting for the authorities to furnish more details on the move to separate wastes at the source and what he should do to avoid paying the fine which takes effect on June 1 next year.

On the inconsistent rubbish collection schedules in the past, he hopeed it would not occur with the new regulation.

"On one occasion, the rubbish was not collected for four days.  My wife is particular about cleanliness.  We had to drive to a roll-on roll off bin located 1km away to discard the rubbish.&qu…

Defence Counsels Presented Their Case Well

A reader pointed out to me that the message in my WhatsApp group which I mentioned in Cuts Like A Knife was actually quite mild.

He directed me to read At what cost the greater good?

I've read it.  Thanks for telling me about the article. All this is really disheartening.

On a totally separate matter, I would like to congratulate Datin Freda Sabapathy, Chuah Shyue Chien and M. Vinodharan for winning a case at the Johor Baru High Court yesterday.

I think the three defence counsels who represented the two step-brothers acquitted and discharged for the murder of a woman in 2013 were worthy of a mention. 

Both the accused were charged on Feb 11 last year under Section 302 of the Penal Code, which carries the mandatory death sentence upon conviction.

Judge Mohd Sofian Abd Razak said the prosecution failed to establish a prima facie case against the two accused.

Sofian said the court had looked at three major elements in the trial, which was the victim's death, cause of death and t…