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Take Care Of Your Heart

JOHOR BARU: Religious school teacher Sali Nafi, 53, has had numbness on the left arm for a while and underwent a electrocardiogram (ECG) for the first time yesterday.
  Sali was referred for a more thorough check-up at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital here after his ECG result came out.
  Sali, from Larkin, was glad he came for the free screening as early detection of heart disease could prevent more severe damage to the heart.
  Seventeen people out of 230 who registered for a free health screening at Kempas here yesterday, were referred to the SAH as of 1.15pm.
  The annual programme, which was into its fourth year, had started at 8am.  It was jointly organised by Briged Sukarelawan Media Prima-NSTP and the National Heart Institute (IJN).
  Yesterday's programme saw the participation of 20 staff from Balai Berita Kuala Lumpur and the Senai printing plant and 45 nurses, paramedics and paediatricians from IJN.
  Besides ECG, there was also blood glucose test, blood cholestrol test, blood pr…

What Do You Think Of MySikap?

Updated (2nd Dec, 2015)

After the initial hiccups, MySikap should be operating at full capacity by now.  The RM282 million system, which was launched in November 2013, offers a myriad of transactions ranging from road tax renewals to checking summons, blacklist status, changing of vehicle ownership, appealing for expired driving licences, checking expiry date of motor vehicle and driving licences and checking permits of driving school and driving test results.

Summons enquiry to date is over 4 million, while 15,560 appeals were made for expired driving licence.  There were also 11,651 driving licence enquiries.  I got all the info from the Road Transport Department website at

According to the webpage, Johor, Penang and Selangor branches are currently running without a director.  Johor state director Johari Yusof retired on October 13. 

Most of the people I spoke to (ages range from 25 to 45) say they prefer to go to Kompleks JPJ or the Post Office or …

Q and A with Dr Boo

Q:  Why did you resign as state opposition leader?  Is it because you want to give the younger ones a chance to learn?  Or was it because you felt sidelined?

A: It  was a tough decision for me  to resign but  I think I did the right thing after I was voted out of the Johor DAP State Committee.  I decided to resign for the reason that I no longer have the party members' mandate to remain  as a state committee member, and the mandate  and back up needed from the party to continue as the opposition leader. 
I definitely had plans to groom the young leaders to take over the leadership one day including the State Opposition leader when the  time is right. 
It actually did not come as a surprise to me that I was voted out of the state committee even though it was for the very first time since 1995. Many in the party  tried to blame me and painted my ouster as something of my own doing. It has definitely been orchestrated since even before the last General Elections. I have…


JOHOR BARU: Flash floods brought traffic to a standstill at Jalan Wong Ah Fook and its surrounding areas at noon today. 

A total of 20 vehicles were stranded in the major thoroughfare in the city when the area was inundated in 1.5m-deep water following the almost two-hour downpour. No injuries were reported.

Johor Baru Selatan police chief Assistant Commissioner Sulaiman Salleh said traffic police helped to divert motorists away from the city centre. He said all roads heading toward the Johor Baru City Square and the Komtar Johor Baru City Centre (Komtar JBCC) were also closed to traffic at the time.

 "The rain was exceptionally heavy from 12pm to 1.30pm. This led to flash floods that inundated the area in 1.5m-deep waters," Sulaiman said. 

A Fire and Rescue Services Department spokesman said three people were trapped in their cars, but were later brought to safety. Firemen also searched a basement car park of a building in Jalan Wong Ah Fook, which was submerged in flood water …

Johor's Conservation Effort

Two hundred juvenile seahorses, bred in a hatchery, were released into the Sungai Pulai estuary, a RAMSAR site, in Kampung Pendas, Gelang Patah.

The seahorses, which were bred in captivity as part of a seahorse conservation project undertaken by Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) since 2008 were released by the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.
The project had churned out 200 juvenile seahorses of the Hippocampus kuda species.  The eight-month-old seahorses were released into a natural habitat on November 4.
However, the survival rate for the seahorses is not more than 10 per cent in a natural habitat compared to 2 to 30 per cent in captivity, according to a study conducted by UMT. 
Seahorses are regarded as being directly threatened by human exploitation for the traditional medicinal and live aquarium trades.
There are a total of 32 known seahorse species in the world today. Of this, eight species are found in Malaysian waters, with three distinctly found in Joh…