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Animal Welfare Act 2015 --- When Will It Be Enforced?

IN JOHOR BARU,  M. Lakshmi (not her real name) gets a shiver down her spine every time she hears the dogs living next door yelping in the wee hours or late at night.

  "The man living next door is a psychopath," said the 33-year-old Lakshmi.

  "Sometimes I see him hitting the dogs with a big wooden stick.  My mother once had an argument with him when she saw him hitting the dogs. He was very rude and threatened my mother."

  She does not want to report the matter as she fears for the safety of her elderly mother, who is home alone during the day.

    She said the neighbour, who was believed to be staying alone, picked up the strays in the neighbourhood.

  "My neighbour goes to work early in the morning, and doesn't come back till late at night.

  "Sometimes the dogs howl when he goes to work, possibly because they are starving. I believe they are not fed regularly," said Lakshmi, adding it was distressing to see such acts of cruelty.

   Johor So…

Serious Comedy

Watched this movie just now.  Need to watch it again.  Found it very intriguing.  It was touted as a comedy, but it's a very serious comedy.

Now I understand why some people that I've met shudder at the mere mention of mutual funds.  Things like "Lehman Brothers", "Bear Stearns" and "Dana Johor" have left behind indelible imprints on their minds.

Any kind of investment involves some risks but if you don't do anything, like if you were to keep the money in the bank, inflation will creep in for the kill.  If you keep it at home, robbers may break in and help themselves to it.

So, maybe you may want to spread some --- not all --- just some investments across asset classes.  Not all in one place.  Because no one can predict the future.  Not even a financial whiz.  A fund manager may know a lot more than you and I, but he can't foresee the future either and how the market will turn out.

Currently, the KLSE is doing surprisingly well with forei…

Resipi Kampong

Resipi Kampong, an eatery offering buffet dining, has just opened its doors for business at Today's Mall in Ulu Tiram, Johor.
It began operations on January 8.

Lunch and dinner are available daily from 11am to 10pm. There is a break from 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

Adults can enjoy lunch for RM17.90 and dinner for RM25.90. Children can dine at RM12.90 (lunch  and dinner). Diners can also buy a book with 10 vouchers priced at RM150 which is valid for one  year.
Nasi ayam, mee rebus, lempeng jala and lempeng biasa were among the buffet spread when I was there on January 15.  The menu changes daily, I was told.
Rojak Jawa and Meehoon Tauju were offered to diners on a push cart.

Chef Rasman Sheer Fohamad, 50, (2nd from right) and chef Suhaidi Sudijo, 36, with staff of Resipi Kampong and Grand Esteem Sdn Bhd which manages the Superstar Cinema, KTV, amusement centre and indoor water park at Today's Mall.
Chef Rasman, from Pagoh, Muar, works as a chef in a 5-star hotel in Singapore. He said he …