Friday, April 29, 2016

Synergy Effect


PASIR GUDANG: The Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) and the Johor Baru Furniture Association together with Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) Johor, are collaborating to bring a synergy effect to the furniture making industry.

SFIC assistant honorary treasurer Marcus Wong said the networking platform will enable Singapore-based companies to explore the potential of setting up retail, manufacturing and office facilities in Iskandar Malaysia as well as enable furniture manufacturers from both sides of the Causeway to work together.

Wong said this after a networking session, attended by 200 participants, at EBP III here recently at an event hosted by Ecoworld Development Group.

He said that it will be more cost-effective for SFIC members to shift their facilities to Johor, namely, due to the land tenure and lower overhead costs.

"The cost of operating a factory in Johor is one-third that of operating one in Singapore, and the land at the EBP offers freehold status," he said.

On the government's decision to freeze the intake of foreign workers, Wong said furniture manufacturers will have to use high-technology and train more skilled local workers to reduce having to rely on foreign workers.

"We can have a smaller workforce but we can turn to a high-tech system and skilled local workers," he said.

Meanwhile, MIDA Johor director Rozano Yahya said said the collaboration will see MIDA helping foreign companies set up their businesses here, from the implementation stage to the fully operational stage.

On a separate matter, Rozano said there was a downtrend in the export of timber products since 2013.

"Export of furniture from Johor registered at RM7.34 billion last year to countries like Japan and the United Kingdom, and we expect the figure to increase by 10 per cent this year," he said.

Also present was Eco World's South Divisional General Manager Hoe Mee Ling who said Ecoworld is offering three special grants of up to 3.5 per cent of the purchase price of the property in the EBP to assist young entrepreneurs.

The company has three EBPs in Iskandar Malaysia. --- EBP I at the Tebrau Growth Corridor,  EBP II in Senai and EBP III in Pasir Gudang --- with a total GDV of RM8.8 billion.  To date the company has achieved total sales of RM640 million for the three EBPs, and a total of 2,300 commercial units have been snapped up to date.

The grants --- investment grant, franchising grant and pioneer grant --- are targeted at assisting young entrepreneurs who may face financial constraints and need better networking.

Hoe said such incentives will give clients a competitive edge.

The entrance to EBP III in Pasir Gudang.

all pics courtesy of Ecoworld

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Demerit Points

Latest Update

Was having lunch with my friend when she told me this (hopefully this is the correct answer.)

"Of course the owner will get the demerit points.  Tak kan JPJ tahu who was driving the car at the time.  Unless the offence was discovered during a road block and the officer took down the driving licence number of the driver."

So, dear reader, that is the answer to your question.


Tried to help  out but after waiting for more than five minutes, my patience ran out.  Maybe I called the wrong number.  03 8315 9200.  Got the number from the Internet.

The machine said: Your call is important to us.  Please hold.  Your call will be transferred to our next available customer service officer.

(pause)  Sorry.  All our customer service officers are still busy.  Please hold.  We will attend to you shortly.

I listened to the same message 15x.  No wonder reader asked me.  If the information were easy to get, he probably wouldn't have to ask me.

Does anyone know the answer, or what number can the reader call to get the answer?  Much obliged.

Original Post

A reader me asked this question. 

Q:  Jika adik saya bawa kenderaan kena saman, tapi saman dari JPJ sudah dibayar.  Jadi adakah mata demerit akan kena pada atas nama saya?  Sekian lama saya tak ada lesen tapi baru setahun lepas saya settle semua saman saya dan ambil lesen baru. Syukur Tuhan.  Tapi baru ini adik bawa kenderaan saya kena saman.

(Translation): If my sibling was fined for a traffic offence while driving my car, but the fine has been paid to the Road Transport Department, will the owner of the vehicle get demerit points? For so long I do not have a license but only a year ago, I settled all my fines and renewed my license. Thank God. But recently, my sibling got a summons when driving my car.

Does anyone have the answer?

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Moving On

I wanted so much to say I have achieved my 2nd Victory, but it was not to be.  The fault was mine.  It was a silly, careless, itsy bitsy teeny weeny little mistake.  What to do?  Sigh!

That little episode is over and done.  Get over it.  Today is a brand new day.

I had a wonderful conversation with a taxi driver just now. A story worth sharing. 

The taxi driver told me he gave up his job in Singapore, where he took home RM5,000 every month.  I asked him why and he said:

"My son was 4 years old while my daughter was 2 at the time.  I went to my childrens' room to look at them before leaving for work early in the morning.

"My wife later told me that my son went to ask her after I had left for work.

"My son asked: "Mommy, who's that uncle who came to our house just now?""

The taxi driver told me he made the decision to quit after hearing what his wife said.

He now earns lesser but he said he has absolutely no regrets because he didn't want his children to grow up without knowing their daddy.

He went on to share with me that no matter how much one earns, if you do not plan properly, you will never have enough money.

"Even if you take home RM20,000, that will not be enough.  You know why?

"When you earn more, you start taking your family to high class restaurants and shopping malls.  I have seen friends change phones, cars or they buy another house, and when they suddenly lose their job, they soon have to start selling the car, the house ..."

End of taxi driver's story.  The ride was RM30 for a 14km journey.

Money is not everything but everything needs money, and things are getting more expensive day by day.  So you need to find an investment that offers a higher return, one that can beat inflation, if you want to have a more cosy tomorrow.

Money can make people sell their integrity, rob, steal, start wars and destroy friendships.  It can also fund dreams, help others and make the world a better place.  You just need to choose and create the right values.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Not Only One Man's Story

Baboo Taching, 52, showing a bottle of water collected from a river

The access road to the village in through an oil palm plantation.  Look at the  mud cake.
No one wants to hear their story.

But I think their story affects everyone.  Everyone and every being that consumes water and seafood.  So, this isn't just their story anymore.

The fishes caught here were said to have broken skin and lesions. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the fish.  Every time it rains, Baboo's village will be flooded.  The houses are not inundated with water because they are on high ground.  The mud cake is proof that there's water clogging somewhere.

After a heavy downpour, the water in the river will be blackish --- like Teh-O --- and shellfish would be buried by the mud.  As shellfish is a food source for other marine life, the dwindling catch of the fishermen here like Baboo, is affecting their livelihood.

"Last time we could just drink water sourced straight from the river.  Now we have water taps in our homes, so there is no need to drink water from the river," Baboo said.

"But this does not mean we have to forget about caring about the water in the river," he added.

This story is not about the source of income of the fishermen and their families.  

With the hot spell, one should care about the water catchment, about oil palm plantations being so near a river source, about seafood lovers (broken skin and lesion) ....

This story affects everyone

An Environmental Impact Assessment should be carried out prior to the start of any development in the vicinity of any village or housing area, and everyone else, especially the enforcement team, should have the integrity, caring and compassionate nature to ensure all is in order.

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