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I thought no one really reads my shiok sendiri writings, because my last few posts were about tea, popcorn, kangkung, salted lassi ...

Nothing really interesting happened of late, so I just shared some mundane stuff.

But early this morning, a friend called up to share some pointers.  She said it was ok to eat high cholesterol food, as long as it's in limited quantity. 

She said my posts made her crave for ketupat with rendang.  So, she invited me to go out with her to look for ketupat which still uses palm leaves to wrap the rice.  She doesn't want the ones wrapped in plastic.

"I stopped eating lontong and dumplings, even though these were some of my favourite food," she said.

My friend is saying NO to dumplings because people now use raffia --- probably because it would be easier for them to use raffia of different colours to identify the different types of dumplings.

"Even though the raffia has no contact with the rice, which is wrapped with bamboo leaves, …

The enemy is not out there

I think for every half kg that I lost through my workout session, I have gained back 2kg.  Should I be angry with all the delectable treats out there?  Of course not.  It is all the Mind.

The Mind can choose to look away.  The Mind can choose veggie over meat.  The Mind can choose not to hate and not to be angry.  Don't blame the temptations.

I had kangkung with salt just now.  I never knew you could eat kangkung raw.  I normally had it stir-fried with garlic or with sambal.  But raw is nice, too.

And NO that was not my dinner.  I had something else earlier, but it wasn't really yummy, so no point to share that.

I need to exercise as I want to look and feel good.  I shall cultivate the discipline to save money.  How to retire comfortably if we don't cultivate the habit of saving money?

Just some midnight rambling and a note to self before I sleep.  Good night.

Temptations and the power of discipline

In the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, known as Ramadhan, my Muslim friends will abstain from food and drink from dawn to dusk. I admire them for having the willpower and discipline to fast.

Personally, I couldn't do it --- not eating. Tried it once, several years ago. Got through the day though.

Same goes for dieting, exercising and abstaining from all wrongdoings --- all needs sheer willpower and discipline.

I have embarked on an exercise programme.  Started working out yesterday, but after a "vigorous workout" session, I went to a Ramadhan Bazaar in Taman Perling and bought some high cholesterol food.  Nevermind.  The next day can sweat it out again. 

This dish is called "sup gearbox" because the bone looks like a gearbox.   It's really super yummilicious, especially when you suck the creamy marrow out of the bone.  I must grab another serving before Ramadhan ends.

I also got the lamb and beef skewers, one each.  The lamb is priced at RM15, while t…

Brewing Tea, Drinking Lassi and Popping Corn

I made "red dates an longan" tea again today.  My 2nd attempt was better than my first.  I ran out of red goji, so I added more red dates.  This time I used 8 (the big ones), and I also increased the longan to 12.  There was no need to add brown sugar.  The sweetness was perfect.  Water 1,200ml.

I found an article which says red dates is also an aprosodiac, but because it is heaty, you can't take more than 10 red dates per day.

I also indulged in a salted lassi, a cooling savory yogurt drink that can reduce body heat.  It costs RM5.50.  Maybe I can find the recipe for this drink on  the Internet.  Nowadays, you can find practically anything on the Internet.  Just google it. 

 Guess what is popping tonight?


May The Light Triumph Over The Darkness

The functions of both the 'devil' and the 'Buddha' exist within our lives. Ultimately, our battle is with ourselves.

Whether in our Buddhist practice or in activities, in society, or whether in historical, political or economic developments, everything essentially  boils  down to a struggle between positive and negative forces.

Maha Sadha Chandi Homam (on Day 3)

Hazimah and Jia Qi were among the crowd who thronged the 105-year-old Arulmigu Rajamariamman Devasthanam Temple in Johor Bahru when the temple conducted a first-of-its kind prayer session which began on June 8 and will end on June 12.

The ladies, from Raffles University Iskandar, were with a group of friends, all photography enthusiasts who were there to capture the burst of colours and rich culture of the Indian community with their lens.

A total of 25 Hindu priests from India, Sri Lanka and Singapore were there to lead the devotees in reciting 13 chapters of the Durgasaptasati, comprising 700 verses, a total of 100 times over the five-day event called the "Maha Sadha Chandi Homam".

The temple's president K. Kiruppalini said the recitation of the sacred verses, normally repeated nine times, was to be recited 100 times at this event and the blessings will go to the country, the state, the Sultan of Johor and his family and the devotees.

The Durgasaptasati is a scripture…

Maha Sadha Chandi Homam

Note: Event Over

K. Kiruppalini (centre) at the 105-year-old temple. Source: NST online

JOHOR BARU: Devotees at the 105-year-old Arulmigu Rajamariamman Devasthanam Temple, here will conduct a first-of-its kind prayer session from June 8 -12.

Twenty five Hindu priests from India, Sri Lanka and Singapore have been invited to lead the devotees in reciting 13 chapters of the Durgasaptasati, comprising 700 verses, a total of 100 times over the five-day event.

The temple's president K. Kiruppalini said that normally, the recitation of these verses are repeated nine times, but at this event, they will be recited 100 times.

"There are times when the verses are recited 1,000 or even more than that. In Johor, this is the first time the temple is going to recite it 100 times.

 "We hope the blessings will go to the country, the state, the Sultan of Johor and his family and the devotees," Kiruppalini said.

The Durgasaptasati is a scripture that is dedicated to the worship of …

Flashback 2014

"Seri Omega Private and International School Open Day 2014" appeared in the New Straits Times on July 3, 2014

A CROWD of about 5,000 thronged the open day of Seri Omega Private and International School here recently.

The guests were given a glimpse of the Seri Omega stamp of excellence in character building and education. Among the highlights were cultural performances featuring some of the top local and Singaporean musicians.

Violin virtuoso Tan Guang Yu, 38, performed solo, accompanied by his mother, Wai Ying Ching, 66, on the piano.

Besides his solo show, Tan also performed as part of the South Front String Quartet. Together, they delighted the crowd with Butterfly Lovers, Csardas and Tango, both by Michael Mclean.

Richard Jackson, 46, flew all the way from Ohio, United States, to join his friends, the SBT Trio, to perform for the crowd as a special guest. SBT Trio, a band from Singapore, comprises Sebastian Ho, 38, Bobby Singh and Terry Ang, both 45. As SBT Tri…

School Open Day Part 3

(from left) Andrew, Evelyn, Aiden and Sean

Fresco Harmonica, a KL-based leading harmonica group which won the Germany Harmonica World Festival championship in 2009 and 2013, and were one of the performers of the concert, said they were glad to be part of the celebration.

"Hats off to the students who have put so much effort into their performance. 

We rarely see a school concert on such a grand scale, not even in KL," said Evelyn, one of the quartet.

The group members have known one another since their secondary school days, and have been performing together for nearly 10 years.

The other performers included Jimmy Sax, aka Malaysia's Kenny G; Janice Lee (a finalist of the Asia's Got Talent competition) and Shaun Lee, ranked top 4 among the Beatbox Battle World Championship in Berlin in 2012.

Besides the concert, the other highlights of the Open Day, held for the first time at night, were a taekwondo performance, a Muhibbah Drum performance, caricatures, …

School Open Day Part 2

More than 20,000 people, including parents and members of the public thronged the Seri Omega Private and International School Open Day 2015 at its campus in Taman Beringin, Senai recently.

From a student populaion of  several hundred  when it first started in Century Garden, Johor Baru in 2002, its Vice-Principal Wong Loke Keng said the school now boasts  a student population of 3,500.

In 2013, Seri Omega re-located from Taman Sutera Utama to its current four-hectare development with a green setting at Taman Beringin, Senai.

Due to overwhelming response, Seri Omega will soon embark on its expansion plan to build a new Assembly Hall and Sports Complex at the four-hectare newly acquired land adjacent to the present campus.

The Sports Complex will accommodate 10 badminton courts, the present campus and the Assembly Hall that can accommodate up to 5,000 people.

The school, where 85 per cent of its student population is local, can also arrange accommodation for students who live …

School Open Day Part 1

Ad in the New Straits Times in 2013
On June 11, Seri Omega Private and International School

celebrated its Open Day 2015 at its campus in Senai. 

On its Open Day 2013, the advertorial stated a turnout of 5,000 people.

On its Open Day 2015, guess how many had turned up?

The school is located at Lot 6974, Jalan Beringin 5,

Taman Beringin, 81400 Senai, Johor. 
Tel: 07-599 8998


Fruitful Trip

I've had a most fruitful trip.  Was hesitant and unsure, at first, about going.  I'm always like that when it comes to stepping out of the house.  I rarely travel.  But this time I went, and I got to fulfill my dream of sleeping on a night train and waking up in another city.

 I also met up with a friend whom I haven't seen for quite some time, and she treated me to a great Japanese meal.

This was where she shared with me her experience of buying the shares of a fundamentally strong company at RM7 per lot, which went down to RM3 per lot.

"At that time, people told me it was only a paper loss, and that I should keep it till the market recovers," she said.

Apparently, that wasn't a good advice as there was a takeover of the company six years ago, and my friend suffered a loss of RM21,000.  I was really sad to hear this. To lose one's hard-earned savings just like that.

To be fair, no one can predict the market and what will happen to a company.  O…

Have Some Tea

My housemate has been complaining of insomnia, so I decided to make  "red dates and longan" tea to see if it could bring her a night of restful sleep.  We both drank some last night.
She woke up at 7.50am today, said she didn't feel any difference. For me, I woke up earlier, feeling revitalized.
This is the recipe for my brew.

six red dates
six dried longan
some red goji wolfberries

I waited for the water (about 1,000 ml) to boil before dumping in all of the above, and left it to simmer for half an hour.  The tea is added with a teaspoon of brown sugar before serving.

Brown sugar is optional. You may put more red dates or more longan or goji instead, and make it your own special brew.

This tea is known to replenish and nourish blood and enhances blood circulation which translates to a healthier liver and digestive function.  This in turn aids in the balance of Qi (energy) and this will boost immunity. 

For my lunch yesterday, I had "ham cha" or "lei cha&…

Pray For Good Health

"I don't want to be thin, I want to be healthy."

A plump woman said this to me recently.  She seems to be gaining weight of late, but she says she doesn't mind it so much although she does watch her diet.

She said one of her friends is in hospital now.  The male friend, in his 60s, just underwent a 5-hour major surgery to remove a cancerous growth near the pancreas.

However, it was found that the disease had already spread to the liver which requires chemotherapy.

"A year ago, we went on a trip by taking the KTMB (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad) Peninsular Train to Hatyai and Songkhla in Thailand.

"It was an 18-hour journey from JB Sentral.  I could still remember him holding two packs of sardine sandwiches as he came back from the canteen carriage of the train.

"At that time, I noticed that he was starting to lose weight.  He told me he wasn't on a special diet nor was he doing any exercise."

"I jokingly told him to go for a medical check-…

Red Hot Date

I had a red hot date last night.

Yeah, I wish. 

Well, I may not have a hot date but I'm going to write about these red dates which are imported from Xinjiang, China.  I want to write more about healthy and healthy stuff.

After all, fame and fortune won't mean much if you have deteriorating health.  Sometimes, people just want money because they think it will buy them happiness.  And it does win hearts and votes at times but not everyone's and not all the time.

No doubt money is important because everything needs money,  but good health is essential for one to live well and be able to serve and help others. So prevention now is better than looking for a cure later.

Red dates  红枣  are hot and super sexy because they are loaded with Vitamin C, A, B1, B2, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium.  I heard it can also make aunties look and feel young.  It works for men, too, I guess. So, what are you waiting for?

Though big red dates (Pic 1 & 2) are ideal for snac…

Reconsider VEP

Many are unhappy following Singapore's intended move to impose a RM20 Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) fee on Malaysian vehicles entering the republic.

The Malaysian VEP system has been activated at the Causeway and Second Link checkpoints since June 1, but the fee will only be collected from July 16 onwards.

The move by both nations to impose the VEP on their neighbouring countries' vehicles has been deemed "unfriendly".

Kluang Chinese Association president Datuk Jimmy Low Boon Hong told the New Straits Times that the move would not boost bilateral ties.

The former Johor executive councillor said the VEP defeated the purpose of talks between the prime ministers of both countries to strengthen Malaysia-Singapore relationship.

"It is not about the money.  It's the attitude.

"This gesture is not seen as "welcoming our neighbours"," Low said.

Small-and-Medium-sized Enterprises Association of Malaysia president Teh Kee Sin agreed with Low and said…

Very Exasperating Period II

Two cities enter the fray,  the people have to pay and pay
One launches VEP 
the other wants to match the fee if 
it is found to be discriminatory
you may rant, you may disagree 
adaptability is the order of the day
Too tired to write too long
Write too long also TLDR
And my car is back, by the way

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Little Darlings

Body aching a little bit and the left kneecap also a bit sore.  Probably due to the  two-kilometre walk home last Friday.  I think my car should be ready by next week.

Meanwhile, I seem to be enjoying the Uber rides.  I enjoy it so much I'm thinking of  becoming an Uber driver.  But like my friend said: "You're always gettting lost.  So how?"

Even using GPS, sometimes "guna pun sesat".  

And Uber drivers don't know where the customer's destination is until after they've accepted the request to pick up the customer.  They know where the customer is, but they don't know where the customer wants to go.

This is a brilliant system, as the driver don't get to choose whether he wants or doesn't want to go to that destination.

Bursa Malaysia is looking good today.  My investment in the Singapore equity market is doing better than my other investments.  If you have some spare cash, you may consider this. 

Another thing that I could do, is I…

Taking Things In Stride

A young mother of two adorable kids said to me how much she would like to have some alone time.

"I haven't had the luxury of having a meal, something that I really like, in a cosy cafe all by myself for a long time now," she said.

She quit her job several years ago to take care of her two children.  Her husband is the sole breadwinner.

I found what she had shared with me a little hard to imagine.  Isn't it wonderful to dine with a loved one?  Go on a trip with the love of your life?  It's like perpetual dating.

Or is perpetual dating only reserved for those who are single?

But why does the romancing have to end after marriage?  My married friends always tell me I'd never understand the challenges they face.

I guess we all have our own set of challenges.  The single life has challenges too.

We just need to deal with the obstacles, overcome the challenges and watch life unfolds, taking things in stride.

First day of Puasa.  I don't fast, but many of my fri…

The Long Walk Home

Looks like things are just as bad over at the Larkin Bus Terminal, Johor Bahru.  One commuter who was also heading to Bukit Indah told me he has been at the bus terminal since 5.30pm.  It had been over an hour and the bus has not come yet.  Eventually he called his friend to come pick him up at the terminal.

The staff of the bus company --- they're the time keepers  --- didn't want to say why the bus was delayed.  They only said to wait for the bus to come.  They also refused to tell how much was the fare.  Either they didn't know, or they were just as frustrated as the commuters.

This is the first time I took the bus CW3E.  The fare to Bukit Indah from here was RM3.  I was WeChat-ting with a good friend in the bus until I reached the Aeon shopping mall in Bukit Indah where  I said I was getting down soon.

I did get off the bus soon after that, but it wasn't at the bus-stop that I had expected.  The route was different from Bus 221, the bus that I usually take.  This …