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September's Child

Going to be a busy and challenging week up ahead,

with a good mix of fun and work, hopefully.

It's a dream project coming to fruition.

If I don't call you, it doesn't mean I'm not thinking of you

Always know that you are loved, cherished and adored

Stay healthy, be happy, September's Child.

Happy 59th Merdeka

I texted a friend yesterday to wish her a Happy Birthday.  I said "Approaching the big Five-O, much to celebrate."

Her reply: "Not really.  I'm going downhill now."

Well, if you're aware that you're going downhill, then stop right there and change direction.  Stop going down that path.

Change your mindset to a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset.

But I'm guilty of that too, at times, I mean whining about getting old.

I sat cross-legged on the floor recently, and the muscle of my left leg started to protest.  In my mind, I was going "it's no fun getting old.   I used to be able to sit cross-legged without any problem."

I guess there are other ways to sit, or just endure with the slight discomfort and when the muscles are used to it, the pain will eventually disappear.

What else to do, right?  Adjust the thinking a little bit, and all will be well again.

Happy Merdeka to all anak Malaysia.

Pic taken at the Afiniti Medini, a mixed…

Good Old-Fashioned Values

Good Old-Fashioned Values In A Global Landscape

There are 11 international schools in Iskandar Malaysia, with two more starting next year.  Parents have a choice of seeing their child embracing an American culture, British etiquette or Asian values.

As the southern growth corridor sees an influx of expatriates and foreign investors, the number of international schools here is expected to grow in number and each striving to gain a competitive edge.

Seri Omega Private and International School, which has been providing quality education since 2002, welcomes the competition as it knows its own strength.

"We have a team of high quality teachers, an efficient management team and we instill good old-fashioned values in our students.

"Our vision is also different," said the school's founder and principal Dato Seri Ooi Chong Beng.

How It All Started

It had started in 2002, with several hundred students attending the school in Jalan Harimau.  As the student populati…

Flags waving, and a time to feast on mooncakes

Businessman M. Kandapan has done it again.  He has been decorating his car for Merdeka Day since 2002.  This year he has decorated his Proton Exora with large strickers of Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.

And on Malaysia Day which falls on Sept 16, Kandapan's son Dr K. Thiagaran, a cardiologist at Sultanah Aminah Hospital, Johor Baru, will tie the knot with Dr. P. Jeaneta, a doctor based in Selangor.

A convoy of  31 cars and 28 motorcycles adorned with flags from both states will start from Bandar Seri Alam to the Coastal Highway, Jalan Pasir Pelangi, Jalan Ibrahim Sultan and Sultan Iskandar Highway before heading to Dewan Taman Johor Jaya for the wedding feast where 3,000 guests have been invited.


enjoy halal kuih bulan from Wan Li Chinese Restaurant, an outlet of the Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel in Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru.

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Sinking Land


A civil engineer replied: "Land reclamation should not be an issue if it has been technically done up properly, like providing surcharge for specific period of time.

"Often, the contractor or project owner just ignore and complete it in a very short period of time.  The people become the victims eventually.

"Sinking could be due to poor foundation design, poor ground condition or disturbance caused by adjacent activities.  Or even poor drainage system."

Original post

This is why I don't really like land reclamation.  The land is prone to sinking and this is what happens when the land starts to sink.

Can you convince me otherwise?  Civil engineer, soil expert, anyone?

Over The Moon, and a little overwhelmed

of the Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel.

Patrons can get four pieces of traditional baked mooncakes at RM98 nett, or RM25 per piece.

For the snowskin which comprises of dark chocolate crunchy pearl, coffee truffle, taro paste truffle, mango paste truffle, green tea matcha truffle, passion fruit truffle, peppermint chocolate truffle and raspberry fizzy truffle, it is priced at RM15 each or RM98 nett for eight pieces.

There's also the fresh durian madness priced at RM25 each or RM158 nett per box of eight pieces.

For the traditional baked variety, there is pure lotus paste, lotus paste with single yolk, lotus paste with double yolk, green tea paste with single yolk, jade custard and assorted fruit and nuts.

I am not a fan of mooncakes, but those who adore mooncakes or celebrate the mid-Autumn festival on Sept 15, and may want to present the mooncakes as a gift, the ones at Wan Li are handmade.

These fusion dishes which were served at Wan Li today was just exquisite.

The dish above was…

Footsie Foodie

I walked into Shoe City again but this time it was purely "window shopping".  The pair of sneakers above looked really nice.

So many footwear designs ranging from chic to classic to choose from.

Before heading home, stopped by at Triple Seven Three Restaurant at Jalan Indah 28/2 in Bukit Indah, Johor Baru, for dinner.

Some of the hawkers whom I ordered my meals from were very pleasant, and the food was nice.  Like the guy on the far left of the pic that I took, he was selling "lok lok" and patrons have a choice whether to have the skewered food dipped in boiling water, or fried.  So, he took the time to explain which one was better fried and which one to be "dip dip" which was what "lok lok" literally means.

Should I add the sneakers to my new footwear collection? 

Shoe-gar Spike and A Lovely Night Out

Found myself smitten by these shoes at Shoe City, an outlet in Aeon Bukit Indah in Johor Bahru. I haven't bought a pair of shoes for quite a while.

The flat heel red shoe is perfect for shopping, while the two on the right can be worn to the office and after work. Ideal for shopping, too, as the heels are not high.

The one on the left is just plain stunning and can go with just about any attire. But don't take my word too seriously.  My fashion sense is at par with my sense of direction.

Now that my shoe cabinet is filled with foot wear for various occasions and activities, I better avoid Shoe City till the eve of Deepavali.

Women are like that la.  Some of us just can't resist shopping.  Time to hide the credit card and start saving money again or my goal to retire comfortably will go kaput.  Ok, I will avoid Shoe City till Christmas!

A wonderful night out with my sister who is in town.

Where Conscious Meets The Subconscious


Mention of the word *lover below refers to the subconscious. Always go to sleep thankful and glad, never angry and bitter.

I've been to paradise and back.  I will go there again someday, and everyday.

My thoughts are mine, and mine alone

To roam as wild and as free as I wish to be

In sleep and in prayer I meet my lover who delivers all that I desire


Derailed By Distractions

The link below is a "must read" for all.

Malaysians would need to save 4 years longer to prepare for retirement, says study

I remembered a recent incident where I nearly dropped my handphone when it rang.  I was holding it and when I saw the person's caller ID, and I freaked out.

My friend, who is a unit trust consultant, is going to ask me about my finances again, I thought. I don't know if I was right or not because I didn't pick up.

However, I have to admit that I was rather indulgent in the past, and I only learnt the importance of saving money for retirement because of this friend of mine.  She was the one who asked me to reduce my credit card spendings. I still like to pamper myself to a massage and enjoy a good meal every once in a while.

It is easy to stray from one's goal to save money regularly.

A meal like this cost me RM12.70 yesterday, with the pineapple juice at RM4.50, fried rice (RM7.50) and GST (72 sen.)

How much will it cost to have a meal li…


I'll be back to work today. Briefly, I want to share how I had spent my time while waiting for my next flight home.

After arriving at the KLIA2 from Manila at 8.55pm, my travelling companions and I parted ways and I set off for the Tune Hotel.

Watched the Black Swan before falling asleep.

Had a complimentary breakfast at The Glass House Cafe and Bar of the Tune Hotel before going to the Thai Odyssey.

Pampered myself with a soothing aromatherapy massage which is packaged with a shower priced at RM146.

Went back to the hotel room and the electricity supply automatically went off at 11am, signaling that it was time to check out.

My connecting flight back to Johor Baru was at 2.05pm, so I guess it was time to head to the airport.  I reached the Senai International Airport in Johor Baru at 3pm.  The cab ride back to my house cost RM46.

This pretty much rounds it all up --- my trip to the Philippines, an archipelago in the Southeast Asia with more than 7,000 tropical islands waiting …

Culinary Delights and How To Get To Puerto Princesa From KL

Besides a feast of the senses, the trip was also a heavenly gastronomical experience.

We were chauffeured to several posh dining outlets, namely, the Kalui and La Terrasse, both at Rizal Avenue in Puerto Princesa City and the Pawikan Restaurant in Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort in Sabang.

For me, the Daluyon was the best, with Kalui coming in second.

Shoes have to be placed in a small basket before entering the Kalui, which serves only the freshest catch of the day.

Here I am at the Kalui with Palawan Tourism Council president Deborah Q. Tan, who owns the Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort.  Standing behind us is Deborah's husband, Demetrio Alvior jr, the assistant tourism officer of Puerto Princesa City Tourism.

At the Daluyon, a four-star beachfront resort in Sabang, we were feted to splendid seafood meal.  My favourite was this dish

And how do you get to Puerto Princesa from Kuala Lumpur?

Whether you are a backpacker or travelling on a budget with family and friends, AirAsi…

Paradise for Nature Lovers

This shot was taken after a mystical sojourn of the Underground River, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Underground River at the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, drew close to 320,416 tourists in 2015 while Puerto Princesa recorded 802,060 tourists which made up 80 per cent of the province's tourist arrivals.

Palawan's major market in tourism saw the arrival of 51,627 tourists from the United States, followed by 21,253 from China and 21, 144 from Korea last year.

Tourists from France totalled 15,423, Germany (13,516), Canada (12,743), Australia (11,898), United Kingdom (11,105), Japan (8,110) and Russia (6,329).

Palawan registered earnings of 9.7 billion Php from domestic tourists for 2014 and 2015, while foreign tourists contributed 8.7 billion Php in the same period in 2015, recording a 21 per cent growth compared to 10.5 billion Php in 2014.

Average earnings from tourism activities for 2015 was about 21.4 billion.

What I found most inviting abou…

Good Morning, Puerto Princesa

This is the view from my room at Microtel, a beachfront hotel by the Wyndham Hotel Group.   All the cares of the world just melt away when a calm, picturesque setting like this greets you in the morning.

Enjoying the longganisa, a Filipino-style sausage with ground pork, sugar and spice, along with omelette and avocado with milk at the Senordamla in the Microtel in Peurto Princesa, a carbon neutral city, which is the capital of Palawan.

The picture of me at Senordamla was snapped by 

who also made me an omelette.

Room rates are from 7,000 Php to 10,000 Php per night.

If you are planning a vacation, do choose Microtel for your next adventure.

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Every Island An Adventure

Culinary Delights and How To Get To Puerto Princesa From KL

Every Island An Adventure

I am back from my 3D/2N stay at Puerto Princesa, Palawan, in the Philippines.

Palawan, named the best island in the world by Conde Nast Traveler in 2014 and 2015, has plenty to offer the insatiable adventurer.

Among the highlights of the trip, jointly organised by the Provincial Tourism Office of Palawan and Malaysian low-cost airline AirAsia Berhad, was the Sabang X Zipline.

Had to walk about 15 minutes up a hill stretching about 1km comprising some 700 steps to get to the top. The descend using the zipline was only 2 minutes (800 metres), unless you're stuck midway.

Once you start your descent, you'll be so busy admiring the breathtaking view all around you. All the fear and worry that you may have had such as fear of heights and the wire snaping which will see you plunging into the sea below, would have disappeared in an instant as the view was just too amazing. You'd want to do it all over again.

Besides the zipline, we also went to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean…