Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Just Frustrated


The feedback that I have received so far from my FB postings is that the same thing is happening in other neighbourhoods.

Maybe I have been asking the wrong questions.  The only question I should ask is:


It doesn't matter if the car was at the back, side or front of the house.  You'd probably be wondering why can't the owner of the car park it at his own space?  Too many cars in his own house, huh?  Wow!  Then GST and the rising costs of living shouldn't be a problem to this fella who can't seem to even find space in his house to park his car that he has to park in other people's house.

Original Post

These notices will go out tomorrow!   Every car that parks outside my house will get a copy.  Let's see whether it works. 

I apologize if I've offended any other resident or any reader who are not involved.  I'm just frustrated with the selfish and inconsiderate act of a few,  and I think this problem exists in other neighbourhoods too.

They have their own house, but they don't want to park at their own house.  What is wrong with them?

Selfish and Inconsiderate

what a beautiful car

with valid road tax decal and HDB flat carpark decal

Well, this is not the first blue car that I have written about.  This is very interesting because this driver has a HDB flat carpark decal and a valid road tax decal.  This is a brand new car, so why is the owner letting it just sit there at the back of my house?

Previously another blue car owner also let his car just sit at the back of my house for almost a month.  After I put a note for him to move the car, he moved it to his own house.  If he can park at his own house, why did he have to park at my place?

I am very very curious.

"Why can't some people park their car outside their own house? I'm curious to know why. This is not the first car or the first time"

I've posted the above query on the residents association's FB page.   It would be interesting to hear their reasons.  Is it going to be ....
we want the outside of our house to be clean and nice .....
we have many cars in our house, you only have one car and you don't own the road outside your house .....
we like to park outside your house

I want to see what kind of feedback and comments will come my way.  After that I'll share it here.  If I don't receive any comment at all, then I am probably living with zombies.

If Malaysians are complaining about GST and rising costs, then they can't afford to have so many cars that they don't even have the space to keep their cars.

Let's see ...

Monday, September 26, 2016

Be Considerate - sequel

Someone sent me this video after seeing my post titled Be Considerate

Apparently, this wasn't the first vehicle that caught fire in this neighbourhood.

On November 8, 2012, a Proton Wira parked outside one of the residents' house also burst into flames.

I'm not saying this is a "fiery neighbourhood" but we are not being selfish for not wanting people to park outside our homes.

Don't these people who park their cars outside other people's houses feel bad at all for parking near or outside other people's house?

I stress once again that if you're visiting and you need to park for a while, it is perfectly ok.  We also need to park outside a neighbour's house if we visit a friend's house and there is no place to park the car, especially when there is a gathering.  But we don't do this everyday.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Be Considerate


A reader just informed me she believed it was the manager of the neighbourhood's security firm who had alerted the Fire & Rescue Department about the incident. Two police cars immediately arrived at the scene as residents helped to douse the fire before the firemen arrived. Kudos to the neighbours and security company for the swift action taken. A word of thanks also goes out to the policemen and the firemen.

Original Post

Not writing about my dining indulgence today.  Writing about a pet peeve instead.

I know many people have more than one car, and when their own porch is filled up, they need to park outside the house.

Sometimes they conveniently park outside other people's houses, and don't even bother to smile or greet you when they walk past.  They think it's their right to park in the same spot everyday because the road outside your house does not belong to you.

But sometimes people also have guests, people also need to do gardening, cut the grass or keep the outside of their houses clean.  With a car parked in the same spot everyday, especially when you do not know who the owner of the vehicle is, is plain annoying.

There was once when someone from the local council wanted to do tree pruning or something like that, and they rang my doorbell to ask me to move the car outside so that their truck could pass through.  Well, it's not my car, I said.

Last time there was another blue car that is always at the back of my house.  Whenever I draw the curtains, the car was there.  After I put a note on the car, the neighbour moved it and now it is parked behind his own house.

There must be a reason why he does not want to park at his own house, so he parks it at  his neighbour's house. So convenient!

Sometimes cars are parked on both sides of the road, allowing only for one car from one direction to pass through at a time.

And why do one household have so many cars?  It's because of the poor connectivity from the house to the work place or any other place.  If public transportation were reliable, not everyone needs to own a car.

This bus parked outside a corner house went up in flames on Sept 24 at 5.30pm.  The neighbours said they heard a small explosion before the bus caught fire.  A neighbour said he believed the bus driver had gone out to find something to repair the engine before the incident occurred.  No police report has been lodged by the owner or bus driver as at Sept 25.  How come?  And some neighbours have seen that bus parked in the same spot before.  Does it always break down at the same spot?

Luckily, the firemen were able to put out the fire in time, and no other property or lives were lost.  Imagine the terrified pets living in the corner houses nearby.  They must be petrified.  

One more question. Can buses park in a neighbourhood?  A motorist's view can be blocked by a parked vehicle.  A child riding a bicycle may suddenly appear in the middle of the road and the motorist's view blocked by the parked vehicle, may not be able to brake in time.

Oh, this is freaking me out!  Can people be more considerate?  Everyone wants their neighbourhood to be clean, uncluttered and safe.

Please share your thoughts on this. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Fulfilling Day

Started the day with a avocado smoothie.

Was planning to have just that but couldn't resist adding a slice of banana cake and egg tart to the breakfast menu.

For the avocado smoothie, I had blended the avocado with fresh milk and honey.

For lunch I had a piece of fried chicken left over from last night. 

enjoying a hotate chawan mushi

Dinner was a Japanese affair.  It was a splendid meal with a sake combo, hotate chawan mushi, tori kimuchi itame, egg wasabi mayo and ocha.

sashimi and sushi
a sake combo

In between breakfast, lunch and dinner, I had a plum, some gooseberries and pulasan.

What a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, September 23, 2016



I have just wrapped up my project and will be taking a short break before embarking on another project soon.

Whether the first project will be a Yes or a No, whether sink or swim, it is already out of my hands.  If it takes off, it'll be an ego boost and, hopefully, a voice of the local community.  If it fails to take off, then it's a learning experience and a post-mortem is called for to find out what went wrong and how to tell the stories better.

But now, it is a time of waiting and eating satay.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Stories like this


and of pets being left in a hot car really really makes me sad. 

Sometimes people get caught up in things, and they forget.

The other day, I ordered Chinese tea.  It came in a Chinese teapot with two traditional Chinese porcelain tea cups.  I took a sip or two of the tea, and after a few minutes, I called out to the waiter.

I asked the waiter where was my tea, and he pointed to my teapot.  I said "sorry" almost immediately and very sweetly.

Today I also had one of the most expensive hair wash.  I gave RM100 to the shampoo girl, who was an elderly lady. She was supposed to give me back RM85.  

When she gave me back the change, I put it in my bag.  I got home and found only RM35 in the compartment where I had dumped the change in.  No, I did not keep it anywhere else nor did I buy anything after I left the hair salon.

It was entirely my fault for not counting the money before leaving the hair salon.  

We should all be more mindful.  Sometimes forgetfulness is just embarrassing, sometimes it can be an inconvenience and sometimes it can be fatal.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pristine Charm

Gunung Pulai was closed to the public for 15 years after a mudslide damaged several houses in Kg Sri Gunung Pulai, which is located at the foothills.  The 2001 incident also killed 5 people living in the traditional kampung in Kulai.

Although it was closed, visitors from Singapore and throughout Johor continued to flock to this charming rainforest.  The breath of fresh air here is irresistibly refreshing to city dwellers.  Away from the traffic jam to a perfect gem.

Gunung Pulai was re-opened on Sept 6, with new features such as the newly-installed early warning system and toilets.

It can be reached by the North-South Expressway after exiting the Kulai toll plaza, and takes only 15 minutes for one to get here from the Johor Premium Outlets, Senai International Airport (30 mins) and Kota Iskandar (30 mins).

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Beacon Of Peace

Seven days went by like a warm summer breeze. 

Met a lot of people  --- familiar faces and some new ones.  It's been a good week.  Did some work and had some fun as I had planned. And  my little project still in progress.

Attended a talk titled "Peace for All. Making Sense of this Chaotic World" by Charlie Hogg.  It was an enriching experience.

Charlie said that many would choose peace over war, but there's still war as some stand to gain from conflicts and they want to make money selling weapons of destruction.

"Name calling, blaming one another will create polarisation and not peace," Charlie said.

He also said that divine and pure love is the first need of all human life, and that no relationship is permanent.   

He was also against dishonesty.

"No one may see you doing something wrong, but the self sees it and the mind will be ridden with guilt and fear."

"Leading by example is not the best form of leadership.  It is the only form of leadership." 

"The ultimate arrogance is that everyone should think like you.  People will always interpret your message in their way, based on their culture, education, upbringing and past experience."

"Man has controlled space and distance with technology, but man has no control over his own mind.  What do we have control over?"

"Our thoughts, behavior and action."

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