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很多人生气,失望,绝望 , I think it will take me ages to write this post if I were to continue writing in Chinese. This post is inspired by the tsunami of posts in Facebook concerning the 15 sen price hike in petrol and diesel.  That nothing ever comes down except hujan and airmata. (ok, airmata added by me).

Life's not that bad. The grey skies will clear up.

A lot of people are also confused about about the VEP and Road Charge.  I, too, wasn't really clear about it till a good friend directed me to this link

After reading the link and if you are still not clear, it's basically saying that the VEP is a tracking database with no fees except for the one-time registration fee and that motorists have to collect a radio frequency identification (RFID) label while the RC is a separate entry toll that Singapore-registered cars have to pay RM20.

Thank you Friend for the clarification.


Citizen Walkabout

The bus fare from JB to Segamat costs RM18.20.  It was written on the ticket "semoga tuan berpuashati dengan perkhidmatan kami", but how to be satisfied when there's intermittent "rain" from the aircond vent during the 175km journey?

Pic taken on Oct 29 (9.30am bus).

Meanwhile, the above pic and the following pics are all taken on Oct 30 (morning).

JB recorded the highest number of Dengue cases in Johor.  Why?

Southern Waste Management (SWM) workers are doing their job, no doubt about that.  Is the volume of rubbish more than the number of workers, like the number of cars are more than the allocated parking lots?

Or is it simply a lack of civic consciousness?

There's a reason why the dustbin is placed there.

Went back to my car and saw a fine of RM30 for not displaying a parking coupon.  Haha!

I thought parking is free on a Sunday.  I immediately paid the fine and it was discounted to RM12.  I'm perfectly ok with that because it was my fault for not di…

VEP Finally

Latest Update

If you are still not clear about VEP and Road Charge, you can either go to    or       灰色的天空

Updated   Corrections

It turned out that the Vehicle Entry Permit and the Road Charge are two different things. VEP uses the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) scanner while RC uses Touch and Go.

My apologies for getting it wrong. So confusing!

VEP yet to be implemented.

Original Post

In reply to Mr Jimmy Puah Wee Tse's 3 questions

1) Does that mean in addition to this so called RC, an additional VEP charges would be levied against foreign registered vehicle, and if so when and how much?

2) What is the actual difference between this RC and VEP? Why is it the government has been consistently updating the public that VEP will be implemented by end of this year, but then out of nowhere, suddenly VEP has been sidestepped and RC has been brought in and coincidentally the charge amount is also RM2…

Road Charge?


and a media statement by
Jimmy Puah Wee Tse
Johor PKR Deputy Chairman
State Assemblyman Bukit Batu

Johor short-changed by implementation of RM20 Road Charge instead of VEP – Revenue loss could be as high as RM182,500,000 a year

I refer to the Transport Minister Dato Seri Liow Tiong Lai announcement that effective 1-11-2016, all foreign registered vehicle entering Malaysia via Johor will be subjected to an RM20 (S$6.60) charge.

He stressed that this Road Charge or RC is not to be confused with VEP. Well, I and many others right minded Johoreans are certainly confuse now.

Three questions I would like to pose to the Malaysia government:-

1) Does that mean in addition to this so called RC, an additional VEP charges would be levied against foreign registered vehicle, and if so when and how much?

2) What is the actual difference between this RC and VEP? Why is it the government h…

What Sparked The Fire?

In brief

The West Block of the Sultanah Aminah Hospital (HSA), which houses the accident and emergency services ward, cardio thoracic ward, ICU as well as the blood bank, will now be temporarily closed for thorough checks from all aspects --- strucutural & wiring, etc.

There were previous fires in the ICU, said to be merely sparks, and checks were done --- there was no electrical overload. 

On Wednesday, which was one day after the tragic fire, there was another similar incident at the HSA. It may have only been a spark but it still caused major panic, as staff and patients were evacuated.  And it may not be so small after all, as a 23-year-old nurse, Rasidah Rahmat, who was on duty at the operating theatre was also admitted to the ICU of the Sultan Ismail Hospital (HSI) on the day of the incident.  Her condition is stable now.

Forensic findings dismissed an oxygen tank had exploded, or someone charging a handphone was the cause of the deadly blaze on Tuesday.

The last fire dri…

Disabled Myth

Lee Yan Haw is the introvert, and Ong Kok Jun, the talkative one .... two contrasting personality types but they certainly make beautiful music together.

At the inaugural Kiwanis Careheart Musical Night, held on the 4th level of Sutera Mall in Johor Baru on Saturday night, the boys performed 阿里郎 (a Korean folk song) and the Myth theme song "Endless Love" on the guzheng.

Yan Haw, 16, joined Kiwanis Careheart Centre in 2015.  A reserved boy who plays the guzheng and lute, Yan Haw began to interact with his peers only after music therapy sessions.  Music gave him the self-confidence to open up, and he is not as withdrawn and self-absorbed as before.

Ho Yong Terng, 16, has learning disabilities and did not complete his secondary school education.  He joined Careheart in 2013.  The musically-gifted Yong Terng had a quick temper and was prone to throwing tantrums in the past.

He would stomp his feet in rage every time he missed a note or played the keyboard badly due to nerves, but …

Tow Away, Throw Away, Look Away

People parking under "No Parking" signs and in the "Tow-Away Zone"

People tearing away their "Parking" fines or shoving them into the glove compartment

People putting up security gantries without the approval of town planners and local councils

People tearing down illegal gantries because state roads belong to the state, and the state needs these roads for maintenance works and emergencies

People putting up the gantries again after it's been torn down, this time with a VIP in tow

People walking out of Parliament in protest during the tabling of the 2017 Budget 

What is the root cause of all these problems?

Not enough parking bays?

People are desperate, they think only of themselves and their own convenience?

Crime is rampant although crime index is going down?

Lack of civic awareness and public empathy  --- failure of education system, parents, local councils?

People don't know, don't care and have no respect for law and order?

Two days ago, a friend sa…

What's His Story?

This is the car that is always parked outside my house at the moment.  He's not blocking my gate or anything, so I'm not going to be too bothered by it. 

But I'm still interested to know the "Why?" "What is his story?"

At least, from my observation, the driver of this car is a regular guy.  He leaves for work around noon and comes back late at night.  At times, the car is there quite early (probably his day off).  My guess is, he is probably a renter and his landlord already has a car in the porch.

Previously there was one car which was even more peculiar.  The owner hardly moves the car at all.  He just leaves his blue car at the back of my house, and it is such a beautiful car.  Why buy a car and not use it, I always wondered.

The driver of the blue car has now moved the car to the back of his own house.  It doesn't matter to me now whether he uses it or not because it's no longer at the back of my house.

At another house, also a corner lot…

A Plea For Serenity

It has become a norm in many housing estates in Johor Bahru, and I believe elsewhere too. I heard KL is even worst. 

I think commercial hubs and even public hospitals are not spared this problem of illegal parking.

A recent drive through Taman Pelangi in Johor Bahru turned out to be such a stressful experience for me, with the traffic congestion and the deafening sounds made by the swiftlets. 

The number of cars is apparently more than the parking lots, and someone needs to come up with a solution to this problem which is only going to get worse. 

Build a multi-storey car park, fine motorists who park illegally, tow away their cars, come up with better connectivity and public transportation.

Parking woe is starting in gated and guarded communities while ungated neighbourhoods like Kim Teng Park and Serene Park, both located near the CIQ, are inundated with cars left by people who leave their cars there and go to work across the Causeway.  

The residents in these neighbourhoods have come…


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak made the announcement on the approval of a third Foon Yew High School branch in Bandar Seri Alam, during a meet-the-people and high tea session at Kompleks Sentosa, Johor Bahru, before the 13th general election.

The approval letter for the school branch was today presented by MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai to Foon Yew High School Management Committee chairman Tong Sing Chuan at the UMLand Seri Alam Sales Gallery, along with a cheque amounting to RM1 mil.

The Johor Baru Tiong Hua Association also contributed RM500,000 to the building fund.

Read More :

MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong, on a separate occasion, said that in Johor, a Johorean can apply for a house under the Johor Affordable Housing Scheme, which is priced between RM50,000 and RM150,000 in a prime location, such as Iskandar Puteri.

Wee asked those liv…

Princesa Diaries


Minding Your Mind and Money

I was awakened from my sleep early this morning by what I thought was the sound of someone starting the engine of his car.  I lay on my bed with eyes closed, not wanting to think too much about it. 

Park the car outside my house and coming to start the engine so early in the morning, my mind was raving.

When I eventually opened my eyes, I realised that it was actually my ceiling fan that had woken me from my sleep.

The reason I'm sharing this is I want to say that the mind sometimes try to trick us.

That's why people kill others at the spur of the moment (unpremeditated murder), and sometimes they kill themselves because they could see no other solution to their problem.  The Robert that they love so much has left them for another.  (Once upon a time, Hong Kong-made movies always name the Casanova type characters Robert).

So the mind tricks them into thinking that there is no other way out, it's the end of the world.  If only they could calm down and wait a few hours or…

Run For Special Children

More than 1,000 people took part in the Autism Charity Run organised by Calvary Victory Centre (CVC) in Johor Bahru today.

The run, held at the Sutera Square, was divided into two categories --- 5km for adults and 2.4km for children and those with special needs.

CVC, which started operations on Oct 1 with five students, now caters and offers Special Education Programmes to 120 students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) aged three to 25.

Sponsors of the run include  Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society, 7 Days Fitness Gelang Patah, and Comfort Beauty Spa.

Lee Ming Lee (Lily), who is the head teacher of  CVC,  said that autism awareness is growing in Johor and parents with special children are now more willing to bring their child out for activities that promote social interactions.

If you're planning a small gathering like a tea party of sort, you can consider ordering snacks from the  CVC DeLights Cafe which employs children with special needs.

Majority Rules

I wrote that I wasn't going to be bothered anymore about things that happen outside my house, so maybe this will be the last (concerning my neighbourhood, that is).

I have no issue with these buses.  No one else seems to mind.

This post is about an incident which had happened in another country.  This woman wrote that she has two cars --- one was hers and the other belonged to her husband.  As one car was already in the porch, another one had to be parked outside.  As she has to move the other car before the one in the porch could get out, she decided to park one of her cars at her neighbour's house opposite the road.

She said that the neighbour then told her to move her car.  In the comment section, I saw a number of people lashing out at the neighbour, saying that the latter has no right to ask the woman to move her vehicle as the road does not belong to her.  They encouraged the woman to ignore the neighbour.

I don't think that is right.  If she has relatives coming ov…

Whatever Happens On Public Road, None Of My Concern

It looks like there is no law to protect houseowners who are being barraged by people parking outside the house.

I never said the neighbours cannot park outside.  It's just that they should not park at the same spot everyday when they, too, have their own houses.  It is so selfish and inconsiderate. Other people also have guests and we also need to park our cars outside at times.

I'm pretty sure my neighbours will not like it too if I were to park my car outside their house all the time.  But people rarely think of others.  It's all about their own convenience.

Since the local council says it's everyone's road, then I am not going to be bothered with whatever happens outside my house anymore. Let the public take care of it. I just need to take care of my own house.

Anyone who wants to come and park outside my house, feel free to do so.  As long as you don't block the gate, you can park and do whatever you like.  No one can question you because it is a public r…

Poetic Justice

Saw this article in the New Straits Times written by Nabilah Hamudin.  This may be an act of criminal mischief in the eyes of the law, but it is sheer poetic justice to all motorists and residents and shop operators who have had to endure getting blocked by drivers who think only about themselves, and don't spare a thought for others.

There is a law which prohibits one from letting the air out of other people's car, but there is no law against those who inconvenience others.  They park their cars even if there is a NO PARKING sign right above them.

Have you ever encountered cases where you park your car in a legal parking lot, and then someone comes along and park his car in front of you and you need to wait till the person comes and get his car before you can get out?

I'm sure many have encountered this, and

instead of apologizing, some drivers either act like they've done absolutely nothing wrong or some even get angry with you if you tell them off.  They have no qu…


This Mercedes Benz 240 (pictured) burst into flames at the Skudai-Pontian interchange in Johor Bahru on Saturday.  Luckily, the driver and five others in the car, all family members, including three children, got out in time.

Vehicles bursting into flames are quite common nowadays.  And it can happen anywhere, anytime.

My recent little outburst asking others to be considerate was sparked by people who park their cars outside other people's house on a daily basis.

One of them even rang the doorbell to ask why he couldn't park there, and he claimed that he could park wherever he wished as it was a public road.

But the argument that it is a public road cannot hold if it is an inconvenience to other people, especially the owner of the house.

After I voiced out my grouses by putting notes on their vehicles and on Facebook, I received a mixed bag of response.  Some said it was a public road and there was not much that can be done.  However, there were some who shared my sentiment.