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Hello March 1

Was so excited in the morning when I heard  the online version of  New Straits Times    has a new look.

March 1 marks the beginning of another new chapter.  Feeling refreshed.  That's normally how people feel at the start of a new month.

By the end of the month, people will be wondering about the petrol price --- whether up to down next month.

May March be an enriching month.

Compound Effect

Two days ago, I wrote this on my FB status:

"Feeling troubled.  Actually there's no problem.  No problem at all but feeling troubled.  How?"

My FB friends thought I was having anxiety disorder.  Well, can't blame them.  At least they cared enough to leave a comment.

Actually, I was troubled because earlier in the day, a friend had texted me that she needed to raise a substantial sum of money.  I typed a total of 3 messages in reply but deleted each one of them. Why? Because I didn't know what to say.

The request threw my mind into chaos because I believed no one would ask you for money if they don't need it.  And secondly, what are friends for, if you can't help them in a time of need?  But she said she would pay me back when she gets a bonus (which is uncertain) and when she sells her house (which is going to take time).

The amount, by the way, was  > RM10,000  but  < RM20,000. 

Fortunately, before the end of the day, she texted me to say it'…


I just found this trailer.

Colin Farrell in a house full of women?  How delicious is that?   

Looks like a dark premise though.   Killing a pet turtle, and quite possibly, the protagonist too ... that's tragic!

Spine chilling.

Young and Restless Meets Young and Reckless

You see them on the road at times --- kids on modified bicycles --- riding their mean machines without a care in the world.

Sometimes you think they are a menace.  Sometimes you envy them. Adults rarely get to enjoy such carefree moments. Adults worry and live in fear too much while the young are sometimes fearless and think themselves invincible.

Some adults have tried to advise them, parents too, and the authorities against taking part in the joyrides.  Even adults don't listen to good advice.  Why should kids be any different?

Try telling an adult not to smoke.  You can have better health and save money.

Or to plan for their future by setting aside some money regularly and they'll tell you they have no money.  But if you don't save now, how are you going to have money later?  You can't be living pay cheque to pay cheque all the time.  What happens when the pay cheque stops?

OK, nevermind about that for now.  This is not about money or planning for retirement.  Fra…

What's Cooking?

I read this blog
which concerns Kim Teng Park, one of the  oldest housing estates in Johor Bahru.  The content is pretty intriguing.  Food for thought.

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