Monday, March 20, 2017

No Investment Is Risk Free

China's ambassador to Malaysia Dr Huang Huikang said that China does not discourage  property investments overseas.

No investment is risk-free.  The higher the returns, the higher the risk.  And no one can foresee the future.

Even mutual funds/unit trust investments pose the risk of a lower Net Asset Value when the market is bad.  But over a period of time, the chance of a gain is quite certain as there will be distributions or dividends and compounding of the investment along the way.

That's why time in the market (your investment) is more important than timing the market (to make an investment).

If you keep waiting for the market to crash before going into unit trust investment, you may miss the opportunity to catch the wave when the market is on the rebound.  

By not doing anything or taking any risk at all, you face the risk of being battered by inflation in the future. DO also die, DON'T DO also die!  I know, the choices we have to make in life is quite burdensome.

But don't be burdened by the regret of letting time slip by without taking any calculated risks to end up with something that can offer a little more.

Make the decision to take the right action TODAY.

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  1. Global tourism and real estate will be affected by China's capital control.


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