Thursday, March 9, 2017

Shocking Surprises

Minum Kopi

I have never seen a state assembly sitting with so much verbal fire power --- well this hardly happens in Johor --- but today there was a heated war of words between the opposition and BN assemblymen.  Read the story here if you missed the drama on TV.
Johor Assembly Rejects Opposition Motion To Form Select Committee On Real Estate Graft

But that was not the biggest shocking news of the day.  That would be the arrest of Johor Housing and Local Government Committee chairman Datuk Abd Latif Bandi.

Another shocking news would be

Country Garden Suspends China Sales Of Flagship Malaysian Housing Project
Luckily, there's this light-hearted story

Family Of Four Caught Trying To Cross Into Singapore Without Passports

which went viral via WhatsApp, to lighten up the electrifying day.  Hope the monkeys are fine.

By the way, I just approved three comments on my recent posts.  There wasn't any indication that there were comments awaiting moderation, and I also didn't click to check.  Only after I had found the comments and approved them --- only then did I receive messages in my email that I have comments.

Thanks for commenting and sorry for the delay in publishing them. 

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