Saturday, April 29, 2017


Enjoyed a meal of Ayam Bakar Taliwang (RM11.80) in Taman Molek, Johor Bahru.  The soup may be plain-looking, but it was very pleasing to the taste bud.  The grilled chicken and sambal were equally gratifying.

Restoran Mandalika, which serves authentic Lombok dishes, also has the Bakso Sasak, Nasi Balap, Nasi Ayam Penyet, Plecing Kang Kung, Nasi Rawon, Opor Ayam Ketupat, among others, on its menu.

Looking forward to explore more of the menu.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Get Into The Flow State

Yesterday and today had been a blast for me. I guess I'm gradually learning how to be happy all the time, regardless of external circumstances.

Recently stumbled on this Youtube video about the Flow state, a concept developed by Mihaly Czikszentmihaly. The videos on the subject are truly enlightening.  I have yet to read the book though.

sup tulang

This is a delicious bowl of sup tulang, but it's not just any sup tulang, it is from the kitchen of Restoran ZZ Sup Tulang, a popular restaurant in Johor Bahru.

I know I'm always telling people to stay healthy, be good do good, etc, but tonight I'm going to chill and say: "suck all the bone marrow dry, if you want".

Life is so uncertain.

Ok,  I'm a bit "derailed" today,  after receiving news that a friend had died of pneumonia.  He was a yoga practitioner and all, and wasn't obese.  I don't think he's even 40 yet.

He always answers my calls and all my queries, or he would get back to me with the info I need, even if it was a Friday.  In Johor, Friday's a rest day for civil servants.

Anyway, I saw a post on his FB page where someone wrote: "Dah settle semua urusan untuk kau "balik kampung".  I think Mohd Firdaus would have read that with a smile.

Besides that post, I saw many mutual friends on FB had also sang praises of him.  He had touched many lives in a good way.  And that is how we would all like to be remembered.

Life is transient, life is a gift ...  be the best version of yourself and make everyday a blast.  

Friday, April 21, 2017

Preparedness Is The Key

A visit to an eye specialist in Johor Bahru costs me RM400 yesterday.  It was quite unexpected.  Last year, I don't think it cost that much.   

According to Nikkei Asian Review, the Consumer Price Index (Malaysia's main gauge of inflation) rose 5.1 per cent in March, driven by costlier fuel.  The average inflation rate could be more than 4 per cent in some months.

So, please take note of inflation, and try to beat it by having a long-term investment plan that can potentially offer higher returns, like a unit trust.  I say "potentially" because nothing in life is guaranteed. 

"Save until when?" is the common question I get from some friends when I tell about making savings a priority.  Of course family is priority, and you need to pay the monthly bills and debts and other neccesities.  But you should also cultivate the discipline to pay yourself first, especially when you are still receiving a monthly income. 

When the income stops, you're going to have to dig from your own savings.  How much you can accumulate until retirement, is one goal everyone should think about. 

But accumulate wealth the right way.  Don't cheat or deprive others to get ahead.


a glass of avocado milk with a dash of raw honey, is a delicious way to start the day.

Having lots of money will not ensure happiness if you are deprived of health and peace of mind.

Stay healthy.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Country Garden Central Park

Country Garden Central Park launches Phase 1 of its development in Taman Damansara Aliff, Johor Bahru

The condo units come in 6 layouts ranging from 403 sq ft to 1,631 sq ft.  General manager (sales and marketing) Qian Zhao Yang says Country Garden Central Park development was designed with local buyers in mind with units pegged at only RM600 per sq ft.

The 21.5ha development is Country Garden's fourth project in Malaysia. The others are Country Garden Danga Bay, Forest City, both in Johor, and Country Garden Diamond City in Semenyih, Selangor.

Lovely lasses in graceful kebayas serving drinks to guests at the Country Garden Central Park sales gallery.

One of the highlights of the development is a 6.3ha public park. Joggers embarking on two rounds of the park would have completed 2.6km. 

grass sheeps adorn the lawn

The township is jointly built by Country Garden Holdings Co Ltd and Damansara Realty Bhd, and  managed by a joint-venture company, DAC Properties Sdn Bhd.

A Country Garden Holdings subsidiary, Country Garden Management Sdn Bhd holds a 70 per cent stake in DAC Properties, while Damansara Realty Johor Sdn Bhd has a 30 per cent stake.

source:  Country Garden's Latest Homes Pegged At Just RM600-sq-ft

For more info, call 1300-88-0888 

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