Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mob Encounter

What Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said about people having a lack of tolerance and understanding which had led to the fracas outside a surau in Taman Austin Perdana, Johor Bahru, on May 5, was very true.

On Saturday night, I too had an unpleasant encounter with an angry group, but my encounter did not escalate into an altercation.

The mob was judgemental and very angry.

Today, I re-visited the carpark where the incident took place.

After dinner, I paid the parking fee of RM5 and headed straight to the car park.

After paying, the management allocates 15 minutes for you to take your car out.

As there were cars that were not parked inside the parking lots on Saturday and many more cars by the side, front and back, it took me a bit of time to get my car out.

Actually, a young man came along and helped me to drive my car out.  The handsome fellow had to drive in reverse.

And when I finally got to the gantry, I had to wait some time for the car in front of me to get out even though the gantry had lifted. The driver had to wait till the road was clear before he could move his car.

So this plus that and everything else, I probably exceeded the 15 minutes when it came to my turn and the gantry did not lift up.

One driver immediately jumped to the conclusion that I had not paid yet.

"Belum bayar nak keluar?" (You want to go out when you haven't paid yet?", he asked angrily.

Then, someone else joined in.

There was one driver who asked the others to reverse so that I could reverse but another driver refused.  He said that I should pay for all the cars too because I had probably caused them all to exceed the 15 minute time limit.

Meanwhile, the security guard took his time to come over, after I had pressed the intercom. He, too, was doubtful that I had already paid.

When tempers are flaring, it is best to keep cool.  The management should be more strict with drivers who do not park in parking lots as this causes inconvenience to others.

And people need to be more understanding and tolerant.

Like Annie says,

Be cool as ours is a tolerant multi-racial society

But in spite of the mob encounter, I still think it was a groovy Saturday as I got to enjoy dinner with my best friend.

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