Sixty One

This just baffles me.  What is "Jointly of 61th Moment"?  Is it Modern English or was the writer thinking in some other language when constructing the sentence?

This post is not to belittle anyone.  The banner has a captivating design but if sentences like this gets put out there and if it gets put out there too often, eventually, it is going to get accepted as something that's right.  And those who say 61st may appear as the wierdo who got it wrong.

It's also going to discourage learners from wanting to have a better command of the English language.  They may just say anything goes nowadays, as long as people understand you.

Although English is not the official language in Malaysia, it is the most commonly used language in 53 countries and for 400 million people.

Is it important to get it right or anything also can, as long as people understand?  I'm just curious to know what you think.